Some thoughts: Meadowlarks and Earth

When you pause to listen to nature, to see nature, to feel her and smell her you can find peace. Fear, anxiety and hate will fade away.

I am reminded of some therapy I read about where the therapist had their clients go out and dig a hole in the ground. They were then to lie down and put their face into the hole and scream, yell, cry – basically release – until they couldn’t do it any more. When done they were to get up and fill in the hole.

By lying down they come into contact with the earth and can feel her. With their face in the hole they can see her and smell her. Their ears would be at ground level and they can hear her.

It is a bit extreme and the end result can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Plant a garden. Take a hike to a favorite spot and dig up the earth with your hands. And so on. Think of something you would be comfortable doing and do it. Indulge your senses in this world of ours and come to know true peace.

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Curt SitersCurt Siters


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Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. ~Albert Einstein

Mans heart away from nature becomes hard. ~Standing Bear

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