Some thoughts: We are all creators

The Earth as seen from spaceWe are all creators. This is not an easy concept for those of the European Mindset. However, it is true and or actions and words can have unseen consequences – good or bad.

The Iroquois Confederation has summarized this in the “Seventh Generation” concept. Where the leaders must relenquish any self-interest and look into the future to see how it will affect future generations of their people – not just their family. They try to avoid the “Law of Unintended Consequences.”

I wish our politicians would do the same.

As far as being creators – everything we say, do or feel can cause things to come into being.

For example:

If you wave to your friend across the street a person in a car driving by may become distracted and crash or nearly crash thus setting into motion a whole chain of events. On the other hand your wave may also cause someone to reflect upon someone in their past and they call them after many years and start a new wonderful relationship.

A real life example is:

In 2008 in rural Texas a house caught fire.. OK, it happens every day.

The homeowner called the fire department who showed up to put out the fire. Seems normal.

The fire department couldn’t put out the fire because they couldn’t connect to the fire hydrant because it was locked. So, while the fire department went to get the special tool to unlock the hydrant the mans house burned to the ground. WHAT?!?!?

You heard right – a mans house burned to the ground because a fire hydrant was LOCKED. It seems that after the tragedy of 911 one of the measures put in place to protect us was to lock fire hydrants in more rural areas of our country.

So take care about what you create. Try not to walk around with an angry attitude, speak harsh words. Look to the future for all that you do and how it will affect our great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren. Will it leave them with a world in which they can walk in beauty, or one where they will be starving and scrambling for their lives?

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