Some thoughts: Waking at Daybreak

Waking at dawn is a great way to begin the day. Each new day brings new opportunities and new chances to set things right that we may may need to set right. It is also a great time to renew our relationship with our creator.

In general to the Native Americans East would mean re-awakening, renewal the power of new life and is associated with Spring. So to them it is fitting that they would awaken at dawn and look to the east and pray.

Dawn is a magical time. Neither night nor day and yet both. The creatures of the night begin to settle in for sleep while the creatures of the day awaken. It is a time when you begin to see anew the world that surrounds us. Shifting out of nothingness through greyness and into clarity.

Even the Celtic Shamans believed this to be so. It was “betwixt and between”. Neither one or the other and yet both. A place, or time, of transformation.

Twilight is another time of great power. Another time of transition and transformation worthy of respect and introspection.

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