Some thoughts: He fits into the landscape

Small landscape with indians by Victor CassanelliFitting into the landscape is a lifestyle it is not a means of camouflage.

It means to be at peace and work with what is available to live your life.

You never take more than you need and you give back what you can so that life can continue.

You don’t consume as in today’s western way of thinking.

You think and live your life concerned for generations unconceived.

You think about how your actions affect the environment.

You are respectful to and honor all your relations – as the Lakota say: mitakuye oyasin.

You remember your roots, where you came from.

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Curt SitersCurt Siters


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Big fan of living simply

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. ~Albert Einstein

Mans heart away from nature becomes hard. ~Standing Bear

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