The end of gardening… time to tend your nets

The end of gardening is here, at least for this year. It is time to clean up, let the earth rest and plan for next year. For us it was a pretty bountiful year and we had a little bit to clean up.

With winter approaching it is time for us to tend our nets. Years ago there was a saying that when the fisherman couldn’t fish they would tend their nets. The same applies here. We won’t be able to garden any more so it is time to look to your tools, garden supplies, garden structures and other things.

The reason you want to look after these things is that if not taken care of their life may be drastically shortened. So…

  • Clean, sharpen and oil your tools – repair if needed
  • Be sure to store your tools in a way that will not damage the business end
  • Look to see what garden supplies you may be short on and replenish your supply
  • Look to your garden structures – take the down if they come apart, clean them and put them away out of the weather
  • Look to your garden structures – if they don’t come apart take note of any repairs needed and fix them or make a list for Spring when the weather is better
  • Plan next years garden and order your seeds and starts early to make sure you get what you want – if you wait too long they may be sold out

A lot of these things can be done indoor by the fire while you watch the snow fall with a nice hot tea or toddy close by and your favorite music playing. It doesn’t have to be a chore!

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