Laundry – at least the drying thereof

Clothesline-WhiteGrowing up I loved laundry day – not because I love doing laundry, but because in the summers mother would hang clothes out on the line to dry. The smell was fantastic and I loved climbing into bed at night because the sheets were so soft.

One of the great things about drying clothes on the line is that it costs nothing in the way of energy. It does take a bit of time on your part, but it is well worth the time spent.

This winter, in Western North Carolina, it has been a bit on the cold side which makes drying clothes on the line a bit harder, if not almost impossible. The water would freeze or the clothes would not dry during the short daylight. This prompted me to start experimenting on how to dry clothes on the line in cooler weather.

Here is what I have come up with:

  • If possible have 2 clothes lines – each perpendicular to two of the prevailing wind directions – but as close as possible to facing south as you can manage.
  • Have a washer that wrings/spins as much water as possible out of the clothes as can be managed – Bosch front loading washers do an incredible job.
  • When hanging the clothes, use a separate clothes pin for each sock.
  • With underwear, use 2 clothes pins if possible. If not use the pin to attach the waistband of the seat of the undies to the line with the front hanging open to the prevailing wind.
  • For shirts and jackets the open on the front, hang so that the opening faces the prevailing wind.
  • Pants need to be hung so the zipper opens to the prevailing wind and need to be hung with the waistband up.

I have not yet figured out a way to dry the armpits of long sleeve shirts without draping the arms over the line and taking up more room than needed.

These are just some simple tips for drying laundry on the line in cooler weather.

When clothes come of the line they may seem a little stiff, but a simple shake will soften them up quick!

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