What I Like Most About Living Simply

Sunrise at Earthaven Eco-villageEven though this stage of our lives is only a little over a month old now I can honestly say that I do not miss any of the things we parted with and I do not miss anything we left behind. I’m finding living in community with the people here at Earthaven Ecovillage to be quite nice. In many ways it’s more like what I’ve felt living should feel like.  There is definitely  a sense of community. And even though each of us are unique personalities there is a kindred spirit. While making a life change like this might not be for everyone, it sure feels right for me.

Some things I’ve noticed so far that work well for me are walking out my front door and seeing my friendly neighbors every day. Listening to the sounds in the neighborhood; the lack of car and traffic noise, the Robins, Carolina Wrens and Eastern Phoebe’s singing at dawn, the wind blowing through the trees, the stillness of the winter air (when it’s still here it’s extremely still), the sound of footsteps of those passing by (people walk here!)… right now, it is so quiet I can hear Bandit breathing and Kitty’s little feet pattering across the floor.

The sound of wood crackling in the woodstove, the type of heat the woodstove produces. I also much prefer cooking my food over heat from wood, the energy of it feels more soul-healthy than other forms of cooking heat.

Watching the sun come up a tiny bit earlier each day.

Being more in touch with the weather. Noticing the differences in the temperature and the conditions.

Listening to the coyotes sing their howls.

The sounds of the rooster crowing down at the next farm. The call and drumming of the Pileated Woodpeckers. Bandit still barks when he hears their call, I can tell he doesn’t know what the sound is and I hoping that he’ll soon see one calling so he can associate the noise with a bird, hoping he will realize it’s not necessary to bark.

Typing this blog post by using solar electric!

Right now, I’m pretty much just enjoying what’s no longer in my life as well as what is.

I’m looking forward to becoming more settled in, more in touch with my surroundings and the other folks here. Having more time to do the things that are important to me, like spending time sitting in the woods and just being. And spending time thinking about and planning the little garden I’ll be planting this spring and ways we can simplify even further.Transparency & Appreciation: I want all of my readers to know that I do provide links on this blog to other businesses that sell products that I use and love, I will never post a link to anything that is inconsistent with my ideology.
When you do click on a link to a business that I have referred you to and you make a purchase, I will earn a small commission – the price to you though is always their regular price, or in some instances a special offer price.
When you do make a purchase you are showing me that you support my efforts in creating this blog for everyone to enjoy and learn from… I am very grateful to those who have chosen to read what I have written, and my referrals.
Thank you very much!

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