Spring 2011

Thoughts: Spring 2011 | Sacred HabitatsEven though we are having a bit of a cold snap right now, Spring is here.

A few weeks ago the frogs emerged and started croaking and mating. The crocus have made their way back into the world of sunshine. As have the daffodils.

This morning I heard the call of Canada Geese as they are making their way back north to their mating grounds.

So I guess this means it is really time to get started on preparing for the new season – starting our seeds, preparing the garden, planting, making sure our tools are in working order, etc.

Living off the grid entails some compromises – like conserving energy. As such we don’t have a lot of light available at night to work on things in doors, so we have to optimize our daylight hours to make sure we get stuff finished up from the previous year and maintenance done that needs to be done. However, now with the longer days we can handily finish what we couldn’t get done in preparation for this year.

Looking forward to it.

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