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Haiti Dominican Republic forests comparison in one pictureHaiti and the Dominican Republic are on the same island and pretty much divide it in half. Haiti has been in the news recently because of the Jan 12, 2010 magnitude 7 earthquake that destroyed Port-aux-Prince. With that coverage their has been some talk about how deforested Haiti is.

In the image to the left you see a portion of the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. On the left side of the image you see mostly brown and on the right side you see mostly green. Haiti is on the left, the Dominican Republic is on the right. The white spots are clouds.

Haiti is fairly typical of third world countries:

  • A government that doesn’t care about the people
  • A government that only looks out for the members of the ruling class
  • A government that allows big business to rape the land
  • People left to fend for themselves thereby using up (consuming) what resources are left after the governments and corporations are done.

Billions of dollars have been pledged and seemingly little has been done to aid the Haitians. And what has been done does not take into account the future of the island.

I am on the mailing list for the Earth Day Network and just received an email about helping to reforest Haiti and thought I would pass it along…

Let’s forget about carbon for one day and focus on a simple fact: trees are life. Over a billion people living in extreme poverty rely on forests to survive. They need trees to provide food, shelter, fuel, and to preserve the very fabric of their culture.

Think of Haiti. Its people rely heavily on local forests. But harsh economic realities have forced forest management to take a backseat to survival. The result: rampant deforestation, leading to devastating landslides, erosion, and floods.

Scenarios like Haitian deforestation are calls to action – it’s our duty to answer them. And we have. Using sustainable agroforestry, we planted 500,000 new trees last year to combat centuries of environmental degradation and bring life-sustaining fruit to Haitian communities.

Much work is left to be done. Frankly, we cannot do it alone. Thus, we created the Canopy Project – a people-powered campaign designed to plant a new tree for every dollar our supporters give. Let’s get to work! Will you help us plant 10,000 new trees by March 31st?

Please join the Canopy Project and defend forests where they are threatened most. We will plant a new tree for every dollar you give.

Our tree programs have brought over a million new trees to life in forests and communities around the world. We’ve enhanced thousands of lives. With your help, we can do so much more.

Maybe you can’t travel to Haiti or Mexico to plant trees, but you can still stop the decline in forests worldwide. For just one dollar, plant a tree! Contribute $50 or more to receive a t-shirt as a token of our appreciation.

Help us reach our goal of 10,000 new trees by March 31. Give to the Canopy Project and fight the global threat of deforestation.

Thank you for your amazing support! Who says you need to get your hands dirty to make a real difference?

The Team,
Earth Day Network

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