Obama gives $36 Billion in Guarantees for Nuclear Power Plants

Just how much is 36 Billion dollars?

36 Billion Dollars seems like a large amount of money. It can be a little hard to comprehend so, I broke it down with several examples so that we can see what it really is. money

  • It is one-half of Bill Gates net worth
  • It is enough for every (legal) man, woman and child to each receive $119.90 (based upon a population of approximately 300 million).
  • It is enough to build 720 new schools at $50,000,000 each.
  • At 0.0043 inches thick 1 trillion dollar bills would reach 2,605 miles high, or or reach two thirds of the way across the US
  • 3,797,468 households, each would receive $9,480.46 – enough to solarize each and every household (averaging $9,000 per installation)
  • At 16 square inches if you laid them side by side they would cover 125.9 square miles or cover a little less than one-third of New York City (468.9 sq.mi.)

36 Billion Dollars worth of solar energy would reduce the U.S. need for fossil fuel or nuclear power plants by 4% (based upon the US Census of 2000 with 105+ million households). Add to that an additional 8% (for a total of 12%) by redirecting the subsidies of $100,000,000  for the oil, coal and gas companies every year. Within 10 years our country would be energy independent.

Ever notice whenever there is a major storm or earthquake how hundreds of thousands of people lose power? That is due to the centralized power production scheme that is currently in place. If these power companies instead would invest in decentralized production by offering to help with the purchase, install and maintenance of solar systems on buildings their job would be much easier and the effects of natural, or man-made, disasters would affect fewer people.

I’m just wondering when the power companies will wake up and say “DECENTRALIZED is the way to go!”

I’m also wondering when our government will wake up and serve the people instead of the corporations (in spite of the Citizens United case).

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