Dandelion Magic: George Cairns Story of Divine Intervention

Below are two beautiful and touching stories. Carl, a friend of a friend, discovered he had cancer and heard about a man, George Cairns who also had a special story and a recipe that helped him to become cancer-free. Here are their stories…

From Carl:

Hi, my name is Carl and I have been a musician and friend of Victor Wooten for many years. 

Six years ago, I was diagnosed with advanced type-3 throat cancer. Even though it has a lower success rate, I decided to undergo radiation treatment rather than disfiguring surgery or debilitating chemotherapy. One of my neighbors told me about a 85-year-old farmer named George who cured his prostrate cancer with dandelion root powder.

Dandelion-March2014George was told by doctors he had maybe six months to live. I met with George and he told me that God inspired him to use the dandelion root powder. In thanks to God for saving his life he makes dandelion root powder to give away for free to all who need help. He helps hundreds of people some who were told they had no chance & were going to die within months, most of them are alive and well today. George is now 90 and its been 11 years since his diagnosis.

He gave me some and I started to take it along with my radiation treatments. The next 12 weeks were the hardest in my life, I lost over 60 lbs; it was very painful to swallow but I continued taking the dandelion root powder.

Now I am cancer free and feeling stronger than I ever have. I continue to take the dandelion root powder and I have told 2 friends about it that had cancer. They are both healthy now. I grow dandelions in my garden without any chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides added. In the fall I dig them up trying to get as deep as possible to obtain the whole root. I brush off some of the dirt but I do not wash them, George stressed this when he told me how to do prepare the dandelions. I dry them at 95 degrees in a food dehydrator for about 5 days until they are brittle. Then I break them up and put them in a blender to grind to a fine powder and take 1/2 of a teaspoon daily. The powder can be kept for years if stored in an airtight container. I am living proof that nature can help heal cancer. If you have any questions or need more information feel free to contact me. ~ Carl Waters 

From George Cairns:


(Please save this page, as it won’t be printed again by me. It may save your life or the life of a loved one or a friend. Anyone may reprint this if they print it word for word.) G.C.

Every week around 10,000 people die of cancer. Government figures show the death rate for cancer deaths has not changed in the last 10 years. Chemo and radiation only save around 10% of the people treated. So this shows our doctors don’t have much to work with.

As this article goes on, I will explain how God told me how to cure my cancer of prostate and colon cancer. Also, I will explain how to prepare this plant and how much to take. There is nothing to buy. For some reason, the Lord has picked me to carry these words to our. I am only the delivery boy, and none of this is my idea. I do believe every work I writ here and I’m living proof it works. The cost of printing is my thanks to God for giving me back my life and health.

A little over three years ago I was about done in with cancer. One morning as I was waking up and hoping the end would come soon, a voice came to me and said, “You have to do something about your prostate cancer. Take the root of the dandelion. Don’t expect a miracle. It took you a long time to get in this condition.” Then the voice was gone, I thought the voice was kidding to use the dandelion. When this voice tells you to do something, you, you do it. You must do it, like writing this article. It is the last thing I ever expected to do. Then I thought he didn’t tell me how much to take or how to prepare it. As soon as you could blink an eye, I know how much to take, how to prepare it and it would take 4 to 6 months to cure me. I also knew I wasn’t to make a penny on it.

As soon as I got around that morning, I dug some roots and started to prepare it. About a week later I started taking it. Three weeks later the pain in my back and side was gone and my bowels had improved. Five and one half months later they could find no cancer problem in me at all.

I then wanted to find someone else to try it, and that was the biggest problem yet. Nobody seemed to want to help. When I told doctors they just smiled as if I were nuts. Finally I was telling a friend about it and he said he had a friend that was dying of lung cancer. He had it in both lungs and was bed ridden. They were tapping his lungs. He had been given 4 to 6 weeks to live. After he had been on this powder about 6 weeks, he was up and around doing his chores and driving his car. He went to his doctor’s office and the doctor couldn’t believe it. He took him to the hospital and gave him a CAT scan. He found no cancer lesions in his lungs and said it was a miracle.

I then put and ad in The Northwest Herald offering it free and four people said they would try it. Slowly one person told another and it spread. There was a fair amount of people taking it for different kinds of cancer and several for other things.

For instance, a man lost the use of his immune system and was told he wouldn’t be able to work again for three years. In six months he is now working ½ days and feeling better. I know this is not a cure-all. It won’t help everyone or all kinds of cancer. I know it is not a cure for skin cancer and it hasn’t had much luck with brain tumors.

There is a doctor in Boston, Massachusetts that has developed a vaccine that is doing great things. This has been successful with prostate, colon, breast, liver and best of all with lung cancer. Five people have taken it for lung cancer and all five have been cured once. The immune system controls the cancer cells in your body. As long as the immune is healthy, you don’t usually have a cancer problem. When your immune system gets run down, it loses control of the cancer cells, and they start eating live cells and this is what they call cancer. This powder made from the dandelion root has something in it that builds up the blood and the immune system.

When the immune system is built up so far, it gets back control of cancer cells, and they do an about face and start cleaning up the mess they’ve made. This is why you must have a fair appetite because you body must build itself up and be healthy if your immune system is going to be strong. This will not work for people have lost their appetite are on strong Chemo. Doctors try to blast the cancer out of you body with Chemo or radiation. By doing so, it destroys your immune system and appetite. These are the most important things your body needs to beat cancer. Operations also knock the immune system haywire. That is why so many people that have operations for cancer find a short time later it has spread somewhere else.

Many of the worst diseases that have plagued the world have been cured quite easily. When I was a boy, women dreaded the goiter more than cancer. A little iodine in the diet cured that. For hundreds of years the most dreaded disease was leprosy and lockjaw. A doctor found he could produce penicillin from moldy bread and could cure them and many more things. How long has moldy bread been around? I’m sure scientists will find many uses for the powder made from the root of the dandelions besides cancer; I have already found it builds up the blood so you heal much faster.

To make the powder from the dandelion root you must follow my directions to the letter. Any change and it won’t work. Dig a handful of dandelion roots any time of the year – it doesn’t matter. Cut the leaves off just below the crown. DO NOT WASH . Then they must be dried around 100 degrees. I do it in an incubator with no water. You can also dry them under a heat light bulb that you raise or lower it so it’s 100 degrees. You can also use the sun or in the attic if it’s not too hot. It takes about 5 or 6 days in the incubator. I haven’t done this all the way under the heat light. When you break a root and it snaps, it is ready to powder. Take an old iron frying pan and a clean hammer. Take one root at a time and place in the frying pan and start tapping. Don’t hit it hard or it will fly all over the place. I put my hand around the root to keep most of it in the pan. If it sticks to the hammer and pan and doesn’t crumble in your fingers, it isn’t dry enough. Keep it up until you have enough to start. It takes about 20 minutes to ½ hour to prepare enough for a week. When you get used to it you can go much faster.

I have an old vessel that druggist used to pound pills, this goes much faster. DO NOT USE AN ELECTRIC GRINDER, it won’t work if you do. You lose too much of the good part in the dust. You must do it as I have said or don’t do it at all. I’ve tried shortcuts, but it seemed someone was looking over my shoulder and I know when I make a mistake. I’m just an old farmer and not a scientist, so I wouldn’t know the correct amount to take on my own.

Now take a little over ½ teaspoon once a day at any time and mix it with water, orange juice, etc. Do not use in soft drinks, liquor, or anything hot. When mixed, use all. Don’t let it stand around. Keep the powder in a dry place, after taking it three or four days, you will feel good, but nothing else. That is because your blood is building up. When your blood is happy, you’re happy. In most cases, this will build your immune system in from three days to three weeks to the point it takes back control of your cancer cells and thus the cancer stops spreading, in most cases it is going to help. There is no body feeling as it works. You just feel a little better each week.

Read George Cairns recipe: How to Make Dandelion Root Powder

After three weeks most of the pain will be gone in your back and you’ll know it’s working if you had pain there like I did. If you have bone cancer in the spine, it will take three months to work. This is not an overnight cure. It took a while to get in this condition and it will take a while for your body to heal. The sooner you start, the quicker you will be over cancer.

Young people heal faster than old people, but it will help at any age. I know because I’m 80 and have been taking it for over three years. No cancer has come back and no side effects except when my body has had enough, it lets me know by getting heartburn. Then I back off some. Some people get stomachaches when they need less. It also means your cancer is under control and you don’t need as much. You will also find you probably won’t catch a cold while you are taking it full strength.

The biggest enemy for this root is Chemo. The stronger the Chemo, the less chance the powder has to help you as Chemo tears your immune system and appetite down, two of the most important things you need to cure cancer. There is only a ten percent chance Chemo will cure you. With no Chemo, your chances are from 75 to 80% but you must take it every day. Don’t let your doctor give you that old threat if you turn him down that goes ‘If you want to throw your life away, I can’t stop you’. Just remember that 90% of the people that take his advice and take Chemo are in the cemetery. Don’t blame the doctor, he is doing his best with what he has to work with or you could ask for a written guarantee.

I have only mentioned cancers that I know people have had and used this root. It should help pancreas cancer if taken before the appetite is gone and most body cancer. This is a food, not a drug. It shouldn’t interfere with medicine your doctor may be giving you. Only two doctors have told patients to keep taking the powder when they have made a miracle recovery. The rest of the doctors have run the powder down and blasted the people even if the cancer has disappeared. The medical world is not going to accept this easily.

Going back to not washing the roots and leaving a little soil on them. It is for your own good. A good bit of immunity comes from the soil. It starts as soon as you are born. Your fingers touch something and you put them in your mouth. A little dirt at first, and more as your grow older and start crawling. Then everything you touch goes in the mouth. When children go outside to play and when they come in, they are the dirtiest around the mouth and hand. The hands go in their mouths no matter how dirty they are. Many diseases and bacteria live in the ground, but they don’t seem to cause any trouble but it does build up the immune system. Some animals can’t live if they don’t eat a certain amount of soil if you read this article over, you will see it all goes back to common sense. I wish all of you people with cancer or other problems the best. ~ George Cairns

Read George Cairns recipe: How to Make Dandelion Root Powder

Note: The dandelion root powder you can buy at a Health Food Store is not made the same way. It is not known to help cancer.

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2 Comments on Dandelion Magic: George Cairns Story of Divine Intervention

  1. kathy
    04/18/2013 at 10:22 am (9 years ago)

    I would like to know can you take this dandelion root powder even if you dont have cancer.

    • Evelyn
      04/18/2013 at 1:00 pm (9 years ago)

      Hi Kathy,
      Yes, dandelion powder can be taken if you don’t have cancer. Of course keep in mind that with all herbs you would be taking them in somewhat lesser amounts when you are well. There are many studies showing that there are certain foods and herbs that should be consumed on a regular basis because they do have ‘preventative’ qualities, and dandelion (all parts) is one of them. I would also like to add a few other herbs and wild foods that I strongly believe should be consumed regularly for general wellness, their preventative and superior nutritional properties, some are: Stinging Nettles, Purslane, Thyme, Oatstraw, Raspberry Leaf, Burdock Root, to name a few. It’s a lot easier to ‘prevent’ illness and disease than it is to cure. Therefore, I highly recommend learning about and consuming seasonal wild edibles and herbs, and drying as many of these as is possible for wintertime consumption. You can find Dandelion Root Powder here – note that I am not certain that any purchased dandelion root powder will be processed in the same manner that George Cairn’s describes, still that is where I buy my dried herbs from because I feel they are the best quality (when I don’t grow them myself).
      To your wellness, Evelyn


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