How much is $1trillion?

One Trillion Dollars seems like a large amount of money. It can be a little hard to comprehend so, I broke it down with several examples so that we can see what it really is.How much is $1trillion?

  • It is only 18 times Bill Gates net worth
  • It is enough for every (legal) man, woman and child to each receive $3,333.33 (based upon a population of approximately 300 million).
  • It is enough to build 20,000 new schools at $50,000,000 each.
  • At 0.0043 inches thick 1 trillion dollar bills would reach 72,428 miles high, or circle the earth 2.8 times
  • With 105,480,101 households, each household would receive $9,480.46 – enough to solarize each and every household (averaging $9,000 per installation) and eliminate the need for coal fired, gas fired, nuclear AND hydro powered electricity generation facilities.
  • At 16 square inches if you laid them side by side they would cover 3,500 square miles or cover a little more than half state of Massachusetts (7,840 sq.mi.)
  • As of 2007 1 trillion dollars would almost cover half the total U.S. expenditure on health care of $2.3 trillion dollars.

To date the United States Government has subsidized the oil and coal industries a total of $1 Trillion.

President Bush has said to stop regulating business and unviable businesses will fall to the side. OK, I can see that – but we should also stop the subsidies and put the money to better use.

As you can see above that if we had invested the coal and oil subsidies into alternative energy like we needed to do back in the 1970’s (Jimmy Carter put solar panels on the white house – Ronald Reagan took them off) we would be free of oil today and not be discussing where and whether to drill here there and everywhere.

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