Forget ANWR Forget Global Warming Forget the Environment

Forget ANWR Forget Global Warming Forget the Environment | Sacred HabitatsFor this article it doesn’t matter if you believe in Global Warming or if you are for or against drilling off the coast, or in ANWR (Alaskan National Wlidlife Refuge), or if you think we are harming the environment. What does matter is that you take a good long look at where we as a species are headed.

Face the fact that we live on a spec of celestial dust with limited surface area and limited volume. Within that there are thousands of objects – plants, animals, rocks and other combinations of the elements. Since the surface area and volume are limited everything on this speck we call Earth is limited.

If you can argue against those facts, by all means post a comment.

Now, if everything is limited, we can only use a natural resource for a finite time before it is gone (without replenishment.) It becomes consumed.

“Consume: to destroy or expend by use; use up. –

There comes a point where half of it is gone. If demand increases while supply decrease the will be a crisis, especially if nothing is done until the resource is exhausted. China is consuming natural resources at an increasing rate. As is India. America isn’t slowing down. Developing nations are starting to desire it.

We have come to that point (maybe not quite or maybe just past it) with respect to oil. There is a lot of arguing going on about this between the “tree huggers” and the “stay the course crew.” I’m telling you, it doesn’t matter which side you are on – OIL IS GOING TO RUN OUT! When it does the world is going to fall into the second Dark Age because we have become addicted to one thing and one thing only.

It doesn’t matter which side of the argument you are on – there has to be a paradigm shift. We will need solutions, and fast, if we want to keep living even close to the level we are now.

President Bush has said that the free market works, keep government out of business. I say, OK, let’s do it, with one caveat remove all the tax breaks, take away all current subsidies and plough it into truly renewable resources (and I don’t mean ethanol made from food crops or require decimation of a forest to grow.) If all those businesses that receive subsidies are true businesses they don’t need them because they are viable. If they aren’t economically viable they will go the way of the dinosaur and the dodo.

Let the market decide!

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