Renewable Energy and The Mouse That Roars Beats The Lazy Giant

According to the US Department of Energy:

Wind energy today accounts for only 1 percent of the nation’s electricity. A May report from the Energy Department concluded wind energy could generate 20 percent by 2030, with offshore sources accounting for nearly 20 percent of that.

According to the Danish Wind Industry Association:

The Danish energy plan, Energi21, from 1996 set up a target for 4,000 MW offshore wind power in 2030. These 4,000 MW are expected to produce 13.5 TWh per year equivalent to 40% of the Danish electricity consumption.Renewable Energy and The Mouse That Roars Beats The Lazy Giant | Sacred Habitats

Why is it that a country so small can best a country like the U.S.? They have a smaller population? Their GNP is smaller as well. How can they muster the determination, not to mention the money, to reduce their dependance upon outside sources for energy? While the United States (meaning the government and certain special interests) plays this game with its citizens?

George Bush said things like “the Kyoto Protocol doesn’t go far enough” so he doesn’t sign on. He says that third world countries, including China and India must must go first. Is this how to lead a country and be a beacon to the world?

If we had followed President Jimmy Carters’ lead back in the 1970’s and invested in solar and wind we would be completely free of relying on unstable countries to supply our energy needs. (See my post – 1 Trillion Dollars)

With all the infrastructure we have and all the industry we have why can’t we be doing better than we currently are? If I had my guess it is because the oil and coal industries have invested so much in our political system that our political system would have a hard time operating without it.

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