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You can design your web site yourself or hire a developer. It is easy to create a page or site and not too hard to create a good-looking one. Creating an effective site is not at all easy.

You, or whoever you hire to develop your website, will need to look at what you came up with in first 2 parts of this series as this will greatly impact the structure and delivery of your website.

Those two steps determine the needs of your site, as well as what you need in a server, server software and the “bandwidth” of your servers connection to the internet. They will also help you determine what you need in the way of a developer.

There are many website developers available and they are not all equal. Some are very good at handling the basics while others are better at designing custom solutions using cutting-edge technology. Some are better at graphics while others are better at working with databases.

Can a developer handle your current needs? What about your possible future needs or desires? What is their customer service like? Are their customers happy?

Just because a firm has few customers, or has few employees (like Ed-WebDesign), does not mean they are not qualified to design your page or site. Ask questions. Dig into their philosophy. Get to know them. You may like them, but, can they do what you need?

Can they do your site within your budget and timeframe? Quite a few developers I know tend to overbook and underestimate. So be careful, it can make a world of difference.

Do your research and make your plan.

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