Voter Fraud or Election Fraud?

On C-Span one morning before the 2008 election I heard that according to a Zogby poll Barak Obama had a six point lead over John McCain and is approaching 50% of likely voters.

Six percent is almost meaningless, statistically speaking that is. All it would take is a couple of million registered voters to suddenly be ineligible or unable to vote to shift the election into John McCains’ favor.

How could someone become ineligible to vote?What would it take for a person to suddenly become ineligible or unable to vote?

To be unable to vote would mean that for some reason they were not able to cast their vote by the time the polls closed and may include any of the following:

  • This could be due to them not being able to get to the polling station or
  • the lines at the polling station were so long that they couldn’t get in to vote or
  • they were challenged or
  • they were stricken from the eligible voters list for some reason or
  • that they didn’t use their name as it appeared on the eligible voter list or
  • their address didn’t match or
  • their name was close to the name of a known felon or
  • their name isn’t on the list or
  • they were told that the date of the election had changed (which it doesn’t)

What is going on today in the “worlds greatest democracy” is a shame, and a horror. The Republican Party many years ago was involved in a court case about what is known as “caging.” This is a process whereby they supposedly sent out voter inquiry cards – which by law cannot be forwarded – and any that were returned had the persons name removed from the rolls. They lost the case and were enjoined not to do it again.

Well, they did it again in 2004. Nothing was done except outrage by the citizens and a brief inquiry.

It is quite possible that they have upped the ante to election fraud (also known as “rigging the election“.) You see, voter fraud, although serious, would be minor as it involves only individual people. Election fraud would take an organization to accomplish. There are far more people registered as Democrats than as Republicans and if all the Democrats turned out to vote very few republicans would be elected. It’s a numbers thing.

Now that there have been hundreds of thousands of people are losing their homes the last thing on their mind is to update their voter registration records. These people are in jeopardy of losing their right, and duty, to vote in any presidential election (if they haven’t already) due to shady tactics like caging.

There are many organizations out there trying to get people registered to vote such as Rock The Vote, Why Tuesday?, Student PIRGs, Declare Yourself, Head Count and many others.

ACORN, another organization that registers people to vote, is being vilified in recent years by the Republican Party. Besides registering people to vote they also look for voter fraud and election fraud. Go figure.

Another way for a person to have problems voting is if their name wasn’t on the polling list.

According to Greg Palast in some investigative work for Rolling Stone has found that Colorado had quietly purged 20% of the people from the voter records. John McCain stopped campaigning in Colorado.

I am not liking this at all. I would call this October surprise #2 (#1 is the tanking economy.)

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