How Many Electoral Votes Does It Take To Become President?

electoral-mapIf I were to run for president, I could do it very smart and target and win the minimum number of states required to win. This morning I sat down and actually figured it out. A Presidential Candidate needs to only win 11 states. 11! Can you imagine that?

Now, some states allow the electoral votes they can cast to be split between the candidates and every ten years or so when the census is taken this list may change slightly. This is from the 2008 Presidential election.

The list and the breakdown in descending order of electoral votes:

  1. 55 California
  2. 34 Texas
  3. 31 New York
  4. 27 Florida
  5. 21 Pennsylvania
  6. 21 Illinois
  7. 20 Ohio
  8. 17 Michigan
  9. 15 New Jersey
  10. 15 North Carolina
  11. 15 Georgia

These 11 states represent 271 electoral votes. In other words 20% of the states wield half the electoral votes.

Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, which have gotten a lot of attention in the last few Presidential Elections, represent about 1/4 of the Electoral Votes required for a person to become president.

I am not going to run for office. I am just saying. (In Washington Speak that means I might.)


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