Bed Bugs Be Gone! That’s what many say when using superior quality essential oils to prevent and get rid of bed bugs. I have no personal experience in getting rid of bed bugs but I think that’s because I use and diffuse my essential oils often. Purification essential oil blend

Unlike chemical sprays, unadulterated and undiluted essential oils are not toxic to us and the environment. This type of essential oil does not get rid of insect pests through smell alone but rather by the essential oil disrupting the waxy coating found on many species of insects bodies. The essential oils work by coating on their waxy exoskeleton which causes the insect to loose water from their body and become dehydrated and die.

As for eggs and larvae, the essential oils simply kill them if they’re present. I personally have found my Young Living essential oils to be extremely effective against insect pests in both my garden and home. They are not your typical aromatherapy oils found in stores.

Here are two ways we use the Young Living essential oil blend Purification (#3399) to prevent bed bugs from ruining our lives and what others have done to get rid of nasty bed bugs:

1. Diffusing Purification Essential Oil Blend for Bed Bugs

Diffusing with Young Living’s Essential Oil Diffuser (#3764)(cold-air / nebulizer type) or with the TheraPro Diffuser (#4495) is an all-natural way to help get rid of those nasty bed bugs. See both types of diffusers here.

How to Diffuse to Get Rid Bed Bugs

During the day, while you’re at work, turn on and fill your diffuser with Purification essential oil blend using the highest diffusing setting. Allow the diffuser run all day. Do this every day until the bed bugs are gone.

The TheraPro Diffuser produces a micro-fine essential oil mist in the air which slowly settles and makes contact with the bed bugs. Like most insects, bed bugs have a waxy coating on their body and the essential oils break down that waxy coating. Shortly after that the bed bug will die of dehydration; so you’ll want to do some thorough vacuuming often, here is more information preventing bed bugs and getting things under control.

Added Benefits: Diffusing Purification oil can also prevent and eliminate mold and kill micro-organisms that cause colds and flu.

Caution: Do NOT leave pets in the room when a diffuser is running all day; too much of even a good thing can be overkill for those we cherish!

2. Purification Bed Bug Sachets for Under Your Mattress

These little sachets are placed between your mattress and box-spring. Here’s how to make them…

  • Cut 8 – 4″x4″ squares of gauze type fabric and sew each square on 3 sides.
  • Take 2 cotton balls and sprinkle each with several drops of Purification essential oil blend.
  • Place 2 cotton balls in each sachet and sew up the open side of fabric.
  • Place each sachet between your mattress and box-spring, spending them out in a grid layout.
  • Refresh cotton balls every 1-2 months with Purification.

You can buy Purification and the TheraPro Diffuser at my Young Living website.

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