Sustainable Beyond Organic Meats: we are what the animal eats

What if everything you’ve been told or read about beef is wrong? Well, wrong that is unless you have been buying and eating beef that has been raised on grass all their lives, hormone-free, no antibiotics. There’s an enormous difference between store-bought meats raised in fedlots, certified organic, and beyond organic. Here I am talking about ‘beyond organic’ meats because I do not support the lax standards the certification has put into place the last decade.Steak

Myths About Beef??? Depends on what kind of beef you’re buying and eating.

  • High in saturated fats
  • Marbled with fat is a better cut
  • Increases your risk of certain diseases
What if I were to tell you that it turns out that a lot of these issues are triggered by an unnatural pH in a cow’s first stomach. The fermentation chamber that initiates what will ultimately be the critical balance of fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes that are essential for human nutrition, the first stomach must be healthy in order for an animal to produce healthy meat.
Forage-grazing animals have a healthy, highly-functioning pH of 7, which allows for an abundance of the essential fermentation bacteria that create high levels of CLA, omega-3s, branch-chain amino acids, vitamins and digestive enzymes. But even a small amount of grain can throw all this off: just 30 days on a grain diet can offset 200 days of grazing chemistry.

For over ten years I had searched high and low to find a source for the best quality, most nutritious meats; a reliable source that went beyond organic. Here’s what I found, I support this farm and their practices entirely, their standards are as high as my own. Here’s their story…

John Wood, the founder of U.S. Wellness Meats, has always been a farmer. In fact, he comes from a long line of farmers. And for the last few decades, they farmed the “standard” way. They raised their animals on pasture before fattening them on grain in confinement, and then selling them off to a big animal processor when it was time for them to be harvested.

But in the late 1990’s, John began to question the “standard” way of farming…

He started looking at the health benefits of cattle raised on pasture. And in 1997, he took the leap. John Wood was one of the first “conventional” cattlemen to go against the grain (pun intended) and begin raising his animals on a 100% forage diet.

The result? Tender, delicious and flavorful beef, lamb, bison, goat and dairy products that were far superior nutritionally to those that come from animals raised in the “standard” fashion.

Over the last decade, US Wellness Meats has received praise from a myriad of food critics, doctors, chefs and athletes:

“It has taken me three years to find a piece of grass-fed beef that is tender, juicy, meaty and available online… the steaks from Grassland Beef [now U.S. Wellness Meats] are satisfyingly delicious.” ~ Marian Burros, The New York Times

“For four years I have been eating grass-fed beef from U.S. Wellness Meats. Our freezer is stocked with different cuts so we can eat healthfully at a moment’s notice. Summer is a great time of year to get out and run an extra mile or two and it is no coincidence it is also a great time to grill your favorite cut of wholesome grass-fed beef.” ~ Deena Kastor, Olympic Medalist & American Record Holder

“For most of the 6,000 years since humans first domesticated cattle, they freely grazed hillsides, fields, and pastureland. If it’s tasty, natural, and nutritious beef you’re after, two words of advice: Go grass-fed.” ~ Dr. Al Sears, M.D., The Doctor’s Heart Cure

And US Wellness Meats has a lot more to offer than beef! They’re also your one-stop resource for wild sustainable seafood, grass-fed bison, compassionate pork, grass-fed raw cheese, free range poultry, nutraceuticals, candles, organic dark chocolate, raw foods, pet foods and much more!

Beyond Organic Certification: The Gold Standard

While you may have heard a lot lately about grass-fed beef, and noticed it is becoming more popular, what you may not realize is that all grass-fed is not created equal.

In fact, since the USDA hasn’t established a formal definition, some farmers cut corners to reduce cost and speed production. This compromises the quality and health benefits of their products.

But not US Wellness Meats. In fact, they are the “gold standard” when it comes to farming the grass-fed way. Here’s why:

  • Grass-Finished: Some farmers call their beef “grass fed” but they actually “finish” the animals on grain for the last 90 to 160 days before processing. This almost completely negates any health benefits associated raising the animals on pasture. The levels of beta-carotene, CLA and omega-3 fats are reduced, while inflammatory omega-6 fats are increased. US Wellness Meats’ animals are all 100% “grass finished” so you can be sure you’re getting the maximum levels of nutrients in every juicy bite.
  • Pesticide-Free Grazing: Pesticides and other chemicals sprayed on grass are transferred to the animal as they graze. And then they are then transferred to us. US Wellness Meats uses no pesticides on their pastures, ensuring that your food is free of harmful contaminants.
  • Rotational Graze: As Michael Pollan says “You are what you eat eats.” Have you ever seen cows grazing in a sparse field with a few patches of yellowed grass? Not much beta-carotene there! But US Wellness Meats puts their animals on a careful rotating schedule so that they are always foraging the freshest, lushest pastures.
  • And US Wellness Meats never gives growth hormones or feed-grade antibiotics and ensures that their animals have clean, pure water to drink, while raising them in a humane and stress free environment.

Ordering and Shipping

For those of you who want to put in an order now, you’ll be glad to know that your order is packed on dry ice, shipped overnight – and delivered straight to your door. You get a $25 discount for each 40 pound increment you order (with some exceptions). And shipping is free with a $7.50 handling charge.

“Our orders have always arrived in perfect condition and frozen solid. The care they place in shipping is superb! Equal to the way they raise their animals!” ~ Evelyn Vincent

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