Valentine’s Day Tower of Chocolates & Yummy Treats

Deluxe keepsake Valentine’s Day tower. Hand-made with love, this three-tier tower of chocolates includes six luscious Raspberry Chocolate Brownies, eight sweet Sweetheart Shortbread Cookies, and four tempting Chocolate Truffles.

Deluxe and decadent, rich, dense, and profound the chocolate brownies are iced with a thick layer of jazzy raspberry buttercream, and then glazed with a sumptuous layer of bittersweet chocolate! What a perfectly romantic gift to send to your loved one for Valentine’s Day!

Freshly baked home-made vanilla Sweetheart Shortbread cookies are coated with a rich white chocolate glaze, and then hand decorated with large festive sugar crystals.

An assortment of four gourmet truffles, made with natural ingredients and includes richly smooth chocolate ganache dipped in bittersweet, and white chocolates. These chocolates will please all your sweeties.

The creator of this chocolate gift set is Harvard Sweet Boutique, a premium manufacturer of hand-made chocolate fudge brownies, gourmet cookies, buttercrunch toffee, truffles and much more. They use premium European chocolate and the finest all-natural ingredients including cream, sweet butter, fresh eggs, nuts, and double strength Madagascar vanilla (my personal favorite vanilla!). All of their chocolate desserts are crafted in small batches just before delivery to ensure freshness. Their packaging is lovely too!

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