Review: Learn How to Make Herbal Remedies Online


I have been interested in and learning about herbal remedies for the past 30 years. While in the past my learning has come reading countless books and attending workshops and classes, a few years ago an online resource that is excellent, for adults and kids! Maybe you’ve heard of them, Learning Herbs.

John and Kimberly Gallagher have created the only herbal online resource of its kind. There is a strong focus on both kids and adults learning how to identify herbs in your own backyard and surrounding areas, what they’re good for, how to process and harvest herbs, and ways herbs are used (in detail too).

The Learning Herbs website is abundantly full of free and paid lessons, educational products (I love their herbal Board game called Wildcraft – which I will write about in a future blog post), an Herbal Medicine Making Kit, they even have a herb ‘mentoring’ membership site (called Herb Mentor) which is filled with all kinds of content, fantastic how-to video’s, and much more. How I wish this was available when I was a kid (or even as a young adult), I would have devoured everything!

Of particular note for parents of budding herbal remedy maker’s, Learning Herbs even has a special section of interest for kids who want to learn about herbs, it’s called Herb Fairies. In particular what I like most is the way the Gallagher’s approach learning, through ‘cooperation’ – a skill-set that has been making some ground in recent years which I am delighted to find occurring. This is particularly true in the Wildcraft board game that teaches edible and medicinal plants, which by the way is great fun for kids and adults!

My personal feeling about everything that Learning Herbs has available is this, no matter what your age or herbal skill level is there is a lot of terrific information to take your herbal remedy making to the next level. I am a member of their herb mentor membership site and I’m loving it! I also enjoy their webinars and other things they offer. I am also an affiliate of what Learning Herbs offers, I personally utilize and enjoy what they offer and enjoy representing the best of what I find.

Be sure to check out all of the free stuff Learning Herbs offers!

The Herbal Remedy Kit gives you everything you need to get started in making your own remedies.

HerbMentor is a supportive community to help you and your kids keep learning, access herbalism courses, video tutorials, a reference library, audio lessons, thousands of herbal articles, learn from dozens of amazing herbalists and have access to the best private herbal forum for under $10 a month!

Herbs Made Simple is an excellent series of free five minute long kitchen remedy videos.

The Creative Herbalist 13 Uncommon Remedies & Recipes by Herbalist Rosalee de la ForĂȘt RH (AHG) is a free ebook.

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