Omega 3s, Omega 6s, Brain and Heart Health

According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, “Most American diets provide more than 10 times as much omega-6 than omega-3 fatty acids. There is general agreement that individuals should consume more omega-3 and less omega-6 fatty acids to promote good health.”

Finding delicious fresh fish in many areas of the country is very hard to come by which leaves many disliking fish. The solution I found several years ago was to have it shipped to me through the best source I know, Vital Choice Seafood. If you hate the smell and taste of fish you probably haven’t had really fresh fish before. Fish that has been caught and handled correctly doesn’t smell fishy, in fact it is absolutely delicious and smells wonderful.

You might enjoy trying some of my all-time favorite fish recipes

Cherry Balsamic Halibut

Thyme-Crusted Sablefish

and you may also enjoy Does Cooking Harm the Beneficial Omega 3s & 6s in Fish

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