Coop Dreams Presents Coop Camp! Expert Speakers & Authors on Backyard Chickens

Coop Camp: a camp for chicken owners to go meet and learn from experts on raising chickens | Sacred HabitatsCoop Camp™ is the first of its kind weekend workshop for chicken lovers. Explore the amazing world of backyard chickens with today’s foremost chicken bloggers and experts. Start your weekend on Friday evening with an All-Camp Social. Then, spend Saturday and Sunday attending workshops on topics including coops, breeds, equipment, runs, chicken health, enrichment, composting and gardening, dealing with city ordinances, starting a coop tour and much much more.

Coop Dreams Coop Camp™ offers a unique opportunity to learn from trusted authors, speakers and experts associated with backyard chickens in a fun environment.

Learn valuable tips at the workshop sessions, check out the demo coop, mingle with speakers and other campers at the Friday night social. Whether you’re a beginner or an old pro, Coop Camp™ has something new for you!

Coop Camp™ is scheduled for two locations in 2016:

  • Indianapolis, IN on January 8-10, 2016
  • Waynesboro, VA on February 26-28, 2016

Visit Coop Dreams Coop Camp to register!

What you will learn

Upon registration you will go through a menu of workshop topics and pick the ones that you want to attend. Some include…

  • A Coop Tour Case Study outlining the ABC’s of planning and managing a successful and profitable Tour De Coops
  • Where Am I In The Pecking Order: Everything You Want To Know About Chicken Behavior but Didn’t Know who to Ask
  • The Full Meal Deal: What You Should Be Feeding Your Chickens At Every Stage Of Life – And Why
  • How to Choose: A look at chicken breeds and which may be right for you
  • Small Scale Chicken Farming: An Introduction
  • Chicken Coops: From A to Z – what you need to know to build one yourself
  • Healthy Hens the Natural Way: Using Herbs, Weeds And Natural Supplements To Build Strong Immune Systems
  • Coop Keeping from A to Z: Nesting Box Curtains, Nesting Box Herbs, Coop Bedding, Natural Homemade Cleaning Sprays, Natural Rodent And Pest Control
  • Step Back in Time: Old-timers Methods That Still Work Today: Deep Litter Method, Apple Cider Vinegar In Water, Unregulated Coop Light and Heat
  • Common chicken illnesses and how to handle them
  • Natural Enhancements for the Coop and Run: Using Herbs And Edible Flowers To Enhance Your Chickens’ Environment, Including Run Landscaping, Chicken Salad Bar and more

Workshop primary speakers include:Coop Dreams Coop Camp: learn how to tend to your flock and build coops | Sacred Habitats

  • Andrew Brake | Naptown Chickens | Indianapolis Tour de Coops | Agrarian
  • Jennifer Connell | The Chicken Swing/Fowl Play Products
  • Kevin Fletcher | New Country Organics
  • Kathy Shea Mormino | The Chicken Chick
  • Tom Mormino | Mr. Chicken Chick
  • Lisa Steele | Fresh Eggs Daily | Duck Eggs Daily
  • Montie Twining | Urban Coop Company

Coop Camp Commercial by Coop Dreams TV from Reid Sprenkel on Vimeo.

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