People Just Don’t Get It

People Just Don't Get It | Sacred HabitatsI just read an article at the Daily Om which is helpful and brings into perspective things that arise when you are with someone who just doesn’t get it. Sometimes I feel like there are so many people out there who just don’t understand how important, and even vital, it is that we humans must clean up our act and stop raping the planet of its resources. It can be so frustrating at times. Last week was a perfect example…

I watched a young 7 month pregnant neighbor spray a popular chemical insect killer along the side of her concrete driveway to kill some ants. There were a few things that I noticed right off the bat: she was very pregnant, she was also spraying the insect killer mere inches away from her 3 year olds tricycle, and she was spraying mere inches away from her flip-flop clad feet on a breezy day. So if that wasn’t bad enough, no sooner did she deside that she had sprayed enough on the lawn area but she then went on to spray the concrete even fewer inches away from her feet. Then, it gets worse… her 3 year old comes outside and jumps on the tricycle and proceeds to drive not only on the concrete which had just been sprayed but he drives onto the lawn which was heavily sprayed.

This same neighbor, who I have seen for months, proceed to throw out all of her first childs toys and other used baby items – car seat, clothing, baby chairs and all of the other extremely expensive things people think they need in order to perform parenting tasks. About a week ago, she and her husband pulled into the driveway in a pick-up truck that was over-flowing with brand new baby gear! I could easily see the labels on the large boxes and thought to myself, she just threw out that, and that, and that, and THAT – “OMG!!! Doesn’t she get it!?”

Doesn’t she understand the absolutely filthy toxic trail that is created just to make that junk and then it ends up in a landfill where it will never decompose – every piece of plastic that has ever been created STILL exists somewhere on the earth today. I cannot express how sick to my stomach this made me feel. Not only that, I watched the neighbor directly next to her perform the exact same behavior about 6 months ago!

OMG, it’s like a cancer has invaded peoples thinking and behavior!

The waste, the throwing out of perfectly good items I have seen from my front porch over the past two years living here, items that are not even broken, is appalling! The least they could be doing is snapping a photo of the pile out near the street and posting it on CraigsList saying “Free, come pick it up” – if – they can’t be bothered bring it to a thrift shop to donate. No one comes by and takes anything, it all goes into the garbage truck.

If we were someone from the past, say the 1800’s, and we went in a Time Machine and were fast-forwarded to September 8, 2015 and saw the stuff being put out onto the curb for garbage pick-up we would think the people of these days are incredibly stupid. Folks from the 1950’s and back didn’t waste things, they repurposed or repaired them, nothing today except cars and houses get repaired, everything is thrown away, the cancerous thinking that everything is disposable and doesn’t leave a nasty trail.

The worst part is, people don’t get it… and I don’t get that they can’t get it! What a vicious cycle, right!?

As humans, we often think the answer, or solution, is more complex. In the case with those who just don’t get it, it can be boiled down to…

When dealing with people who seem very unaware, remember that everyone must find their own way to awakening. ~ Daily Om

The Daily Om article goes on to say…

You may be someone who understands the true nature of reality, perceiving deeply that we all emanate from the same source, that we are all essentially one, and that we are here on earth to love one another. To understand this is to be awakened to the true nature of the self, and it is a blessing. Nevertheless, people who just don’t get it are seemingly everywhere and, often, in positions of power. It can be frustrating and painful to watch them behave unconsciously. We all encounter individuals of this bent in our families, at work, and in all areas of public life. It is easy to find ourselves feeling intolerant of these people, wishing we could be free of them even though we know that separation from them is an illusion.

It helps sometimes to think of us all as different parts of one psyche. Just as within our own hearts and minds we have dark places that need healing, the heart and mind of the world has its dark places. The health of the whole organism depends upon the relative health of the individuals within it. We increase harmony when we hold onto the light, not allowing it to be darkened by judgment, anger, and fear about those who behave unconsciously. It’s easier to accomplish this if we don’t focus on the negative qualities of individuals and instead focus on how increasing our own light will increase the light of the overall picture.

When dealing with people who seem very unconscious, it helps to remember that every one must find their own way to awakening and that the experiences they are having are an essential part of their process. Holding them in the light of our own energy may be the best way to awaken theirs. At the same time, we are inspired by their example to look within and shed light on our own unconscious places, sacrificing the urge to judge and surrendering instead to humble self-inquiry.

What do you think?

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