Painting with Paper – Artist Barb Zimmerman

Painting with Paper - Artist Barb Zimmerman | Sacred HabitatsDelightful and inspired is how Barb Zimmerman’s makes me feel. The depth and detail she is able to achieve with a simple medium, paper. This short video gives you a taste of what she does and how.

Painting with Paper- Landscapes by Barb Zimmerman from Misha on Vimeo.

Barb Zimmerman paints with paper. She spends 3-4 months on each piece, hand cutting or tearing every individual leaf, tree, rock, or waterfall; leaves by the hundreds, in multiple shades of green or vivid reds and golds, craggy rock faces with rhododendron blooming along its side, or a rushing waterfall delicately constructed with layers of thin mulberry paper. And all of these details vary by season, of course.

The detail in each piece, and the passion for her process, transport you into the scene. You’re captured by it, and you feel as though you can peer around a bush to see what’s behind, or skip across a babbling brook and into the woods. It’s the length of time it takes to complete a piece that truly pays homage to the intricacies in nature. Barb explains that by taking the time to slow down, and cut each leaf in different shapes, and pick numerous different colors for a tree rather then just one, her process becomes a peaceful meditation that brings her closer to the nature that she holds so dearly in her heart. And it’s the time dedicated to each piece that makes them so unique and powerful, bringing the peace and serenity of nature to the viewer.

Barb Zimmerman Artist Statement

“My goal is to try and capture, even in some small part the color, light and texture of nature’s rich tapestry.
It is my hope to inspire those who view my work to take that extra moment to become aware, appreciate and protect the extraordinary gift nature presents to us each day.”

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