First National Tiny House Jamboree was a Huge Success

First National Tiny House Jamboree Huge Success - expected 10,000 people and 40,000 showed up! | Sacred HabitatsThey are not kidding when they say, “tiny houses are the next BIG thing!”

The first Official National Tiny House Jamboree took place in Colorado Springs, CO August 7-9, 2015 and it included all of the biggest names in the world of tiny living. They were expecting 10,000 attendee’s. They came nowhere close to that number. Instead, they got 40,000!

They went into the event with a Mission…

To inspire the tiny house community to reach their dreams through education, inspiration, fun, and COMMUNITY building.

And, with a Vision…

A gathering of inspired people living their passions through simplifying their lives and getting back in touch with what REALLY matters in life.

OK, so this is BIG! It’s REALLY BIG! I think at this point it is fairly safe to say that the tiny house movement is not a passing trend. I heard about tiny houses about 10 years ago, I thought they were pretty cool. Over the past 10 years the trend has not slowed down, it has escalated.

I read an article a week ago about, where a builder of regular sized homes who takes in around $700,000 a year building large houses decided to try building tiny houses since the regular housing new build market in Alabama has been kind of slow. Based on what he was saying I got the impression that with 2-3 years he will probably be completely focused on only building tiny.

I am no expert on the duration of ‘trends’ and at what point do they stop being merely a trend and shift into the category of it’s here to stay. I’m thinking tiny will become much larger and will be looked upon favorably for decades to come.

But hey, we had to figure something new and better was bound to come rolling down the pike, right!?

With housing, rentals and mortgaged, costs being sky-high and wages not coming close to keeping up with inflation and if wages to be in alignment with cost of living, minimum wage would have to be at least $25 an hour, I know it’s crazy, huh!? Not that $25 an hour is crazy but the fact that we are so far away from that number that we have to just kiss $25 an hour good-bye and change other things.

Speaking of ‘things’, that’s actually a big part of the problem – stuff. Slowly but surely people are waking up to the fact that working their entire lives to pay for all of this stuff and buy larger and larger houses, or rent storage units, because they have so much STUFF they need to buy more and more space to keep that junk that they never use or miss anyway. Marketers have done a pretty good job over the past 60+ years convincing us that we must have all of this burdensome stuff… when all it does is wear us out, have no time to enjoy any of it, keep paying more and more to keep it… and for what? To one day sell it, or worse yet leave it to heirs to sell at a yard sale for pennies on the dollar??? Unlike what marketers want us to believe, that more stuff and bigger is better, people are slowly seeing the light through their depression and exhaustion and they’re realizing that none of that stuff improves the quality of their lives, nor does it make them happy.

Since 2014, tiny house reality shows go from one to four. Today we have Tiny House Nation (John and Zack), Tiny House Hunters, Tiny House Builders (Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen), Tiny House Big Living

YouTube videos from self-financed filmmakers like Kristen Dirksen or Living Big in a Tiny House garner millions of hits—there’s something about a tiny space, where everything fits just so, that rubs some primordial part of our personalities because that is how humans once lived – not as fancy of course but dwellings were quite small.

In this video, by Living Big in a Tiny Home, New Zealander artist Brett Sutherland is being interviewed and giving a tour of the tiny house he designed. What I especially like about his very well thought-out design and floorplan, is the openness and ventilation…. well, and I also like the water catchment system, DC solar electric, and I love-love-LOVE that loft space.

By the way, 15 sq. meters is 161.46 sq.ft., so it’s a good size for someone like me who works from home and is also an artist and gardener – I would build in a garden window to grow greens year round… oh, and I’d also build an exterior attached Quail coop outside the kitchen window, then I’d be all set :-) I would love to see tiny builders here in the US add this design to their selection I think it’s a brilliant floorplan and design… watch the video and leave a comment to let me know how you like Brett’s place.

So we’re not at all surprised that the movement is getting a bigger platform and gaining momentum. The species is going back to it’s roots and wanting better with just the key modern technologies that they need, not what some commercial tells them they or their kids need for their happiness.

In this next video, from Peak Moments Janaia Donaldson interviewing Dee Williams, on why she built a tiny house and got out of the consumer trap I find inspirational as well. I think it’s interesting listening to the reasons why tiny home owner’s made the shift to tiny.

By the way, Peak Moment is a biweekly video series about resilient, locally reliant living for  challenging times. Janaia Donaldson’s conversations and tours with guests responding to accelerating energy and resource decline, climate chaos, and economic uncertainty. I discovered her and her work while living in Seattle 10 years ago, she has dozens-and-dozens of video interviews with people doing some very cool stuff.

Sometimes I wonder how much of our population realizes that the happiness they seek comes from two places, within and through relationships we have with others, i.e., community. The competition, out-doing the Jones, that has been inflicted upon us for decades gives cause to rise and put our foot down even more and say, “wait one minute here…!”

So what about you?

Are you feeling like you’re fed-up with the whole consumerism and wastefulness mindset? Are you ready to start making changes and downsizing? What changes and challenges are you seeing in the people around you? Do you also wonder why some people just don’t seem to get it?Transparency & Appreciation: I want all of my readers to know that I do provide links on this blog to other businesses that sell products that I use and love, I will never post a link to anything that is inconsistent with my ideology.
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