Create the Fountain of Youth in Your Own Backyard

What if I told you that all that is required to prevent or slow the signs of aging is a trip to Lowe’s, or in some instances, a trip to your own garage, kitchen or basement, to look for stuff that you can easily use or repurpose to create your own Backyard Fountain of Youth?

It’s true and here’s how it’s done…

As we age, many of us have a fatal flaw that can lead to a fatal fall — we lose our balance, stability and coordination.

Stephen Jepson says he can change that for everyone. And as a bonus, he believes it can help you build brain cells, develop neural pathways and prevent or delay Alzheimer’s and dementia [which happens to be quite true].

At age 72, Stephen Jepson is living proof of his philosophy, that staying healthy and sharp is easy enough to accomplish in your own home and in your own backyard.

Jepson calls his concept, Never Leave the Playground. He has developed toys, many of which we can make ourselves, for all ages and degrees of physical fitness to use throughout our daily lives. He calls it “age proofing the brain and body,” and it can begin at any age or any condition of the body. What I like most is that no matter how impaired the body has become through neglect or disease or aging, consistent movement is imperative to regain and maintain balance, stability, coordination and growth.

While I watched this video many things struck me as inspirational and feeling like [LOL], “hmmmm, to you smarty pants whipper-snappers out there, you think your age makes you better? Take a look at this old guy he runs circles around most of you 20 year olds!”

Consider the possibilities when you apply some of the toys he has created… what I see is the absolute potential of falls being lessened (or maybe ending completely as we age), mental acuity, hand-eye coordination probably becoming better than what we had as youngsters, stronger bone mass, more physically fit… and, the health implications of things like fewer medications, leaner body mass, and a better mental outlook.

He has come up with a multitude of simple toys that nearly anyone can make. The simplicity of many of his creations is nothing short of brilliant. I must say, just watching this man has stimulated me into another realm of thinking and what to integrate into my daily life!

If you’re like me and frown upon the accepted stereotypical associations presumed by our culture I think you are going to enjoy the myriad of choices Jepson has come up with. And, I’m sure many readers, who are creative and inventive, will come up with many of their own ideas too.

Make stepping stones, great for balance, coordination, muscle and bone strength, and mental acuity. Here he has used stones that are taller but beginner’s can use lower or even flat stones depending upon their own body, and later advance to higher, more rounded stones as ones skills and ability increase over time.

Creating the Fountain of Youth in Your Own Backyard | Sacred HabitatsHere is an example of a handheld toy that Jepson made that can be done while sitting. A more advanced version of using this toy would be standing while keeping the board on the board.

Creating the Fountain of Youth in Your Own Backyard | Sacred HabitatsOr, using PVC pipes to make any height for this step-over course. This can be used indoors (during bad weather) or outdoors (we all need to spend more time out in the fresh air and sunlight anyway).

Creating the Fountain of Youth in Your Own Backyard | Sacred HabitatsI enjoy a variety of activities, like Tai Chi, hiking, reading, and meditating, but I also feel that what Jepson has inspired me to do will certainly bring another level of dynamics into my life.

What about you? Do you think you can and want to bring some of his creations into your life? Are you going to start working on creating your own backyard Fountain of Youth?

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Stephen Jepsons YouTube Channel

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