Gifts: Egg Gathering Apron by The Yoder Sewing Room

Gifts: Egg Gathering Apron by The Yoder Sewing Room | Sacred HabitatsThere are so many ways to gather eggs: a vintage basket, a repurposed bucket, a recycled egg carton – however, they require you holding the vessel in your hands. I just love great ideas that are functional and efficient. So naturally I couldn’t resist posting about these very cool Egg Gathering Aprons. These cute, practical egg gathering aprons come in different printed fabric’s and there’s even a child’s size! They make a fantastic gift for your hen loving suburban homesteader friends… or, for yourself–can’t forget to treat yourself to a nifty gift ;-)

So here’s Marcie’s story and how she got into this cottage industry…

In March of 2015, Marcy Yoder-Lee’s long-time dream to own chickens was about to come true. The order of pullets was placed and the coop was built. A sudden job relocation took Marcy and her family out of Ohio to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and the order of pullets was going to have to be cancelled. The coop was moved down to Olive Yoder’s (Marcy’s mom) house and her father, Jr. Yoder, agreed to take the chickens until Marcy could get them to Lancaster County.

In the meantime, Olive and Jr. Yoder (the chicken owners) grew to enjoy the chickens more and more each day. The grandchildren named them all and the chickens became part of the family. Olive decided she needed a better way to get the eggs from the coop to the kitchen without them breaking – especially when the grandchildren were helping! That’s when the Yoder Sewing Room Egg Gathering Apron was created!

The Egg Gathering Apron would have stayed right there – in the home of the Yoder’s, but Marcy was sure that others would enjoy such a wonderfully functional and versatile apron as well. As a homeschooling mom, Marcy was brainstorming ways to help cover the costs and she was sure that they were on to something with the Egg Gathering Apron. Marcy convinced Olive to create another apron and post it on Etsy and that is when the Yoder Sewing Room was created (May 2015).

Within a few days, the apron sold and then a few weeks later another one sold. The aprons were selling at a rate of one every two weeks. Then people started pinning it on Pinterest and then it hit Facebook and within a short period of hours, the aprons went viral all over the internet! These aprons were sensational and people saw the value and quality of these Yoder Sewing Room Egg Gathering Aprons!

Our team of seamstresses has increased to include Mary Yoder-Sprang, aunt to Marcy and sister-in-law to Olive, and Anna, who is an Amish seamstress in Lancaster County, PA. We love making these aprons and we love hearing your chicken stories.

For every apron purchase during November 1 – December 31, 2015, the Yoder Sewing Room will purchase a chick for an impoverished family through Heifer International (Heifer International’s mission is to work with communities to end world hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth). The chick will go towards a flock of chicks for an impoverished family, empowering them to turn hunger and poverty into hope and prosperity.

Buy an Egg Gathering Apron at Marcie’s Etsy Store!

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