Tumbleweed Tiny Houses Builder Bundle Blitz!!! Special Price Offer Through Nov. 30th

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses Builder Bundle Blitz!!!Do you dream of building your own Tumbleweed Tiny House RV but you’re not sure how or even where to start? Not to worry, you can learn how… at a workshop near you!

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses has 2-day workshops packed with all the insightful and extensive information you’ll need to design and build your very own Tumbleweed — setting you on a path to a simplified, environmentally-friendly, economically-balanced lifestyle.

This makes a wonderful gift for someone you know who is considering building their own tiny house!

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Get the Builder Bundle Blitz – and SAVE!!!

The Tumbleweed Builder Bundle Blitz gives a FREE How-To DVD and FREE DIY Stair Plans with the purchase of a Dream Big, Go Tiny workshop ticket. Even better, the workshop ticket price has been slashed from $399 to $279!

Tumbleweed’s Builder Bundle Blitz promotion starts Tuesday, November 24 –and ends– Monday, November 30 at midnight, so don’t delay!!!

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses Workshop Presenters

Skillfully presented by actual Tumbleweed owners/builders—who happily share their stories and experiences on subjects such as choosing the appropriate trailer base, selecting green materials, and the importance of using the right tools etc.—these workshops cover every aspect of Tumbleweed building and living.

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses Builder Bundle Blitz!!!What You Will Get With the Builders Bundle Blitz

You’ll be provided with comprehensive, detailed information on building in the workshop class that you can’t learn anywhere else, you’ll get to meet many other like-minded people in a fun and engaging setting, and… The How-To DVD, and… the plans for building your own stairs!!! ~ Click Here To Take Advantage of the Builder Bundle Blitz Offer ~

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses Builder Bundle Blitz!!! Special Money Saving Offer on Workshops, Offer Ends Nov. 30thTumbleweed Tiny Houses Testimonials


“I bought plans, went to a workshop with my dad, bought a trailer the next week, and started building in September. Little Yellow is the embodiment of all that I hold dear.” ~ Ella Jenkins “I can’t tell you enough how helpful it is to attend a workshop presented by someone who has actually built a Tumbleweed house….and [it’s] a great opportunity to meet like-minded people.” ~ Guillaume Dutilh “At the age of 26, I set out on my dream — to build a house for myself. Five months later, I had a tiny house on wheels.” ~ Brittany Yunker (She attended a workshop, met experts and created her Bayside Bungalow.)

Learn to Build One of These Tiny Houses…

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses Builder Bundle Blitz!!! Save hundreds before Nov. 30th!!!Tumbleweed Tiny Houses Builder Bundle Blitz!!! Save hundreds before Nov. 30th!!!

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