Tiny House with a Doggie Elevator to the Loft

This tiny house is as functional as it is cute. The less-than 175 square foot tiny home has hidden storage virtually everywhere, but there is still only space for life’s necessities – including the most unique feature, a doggie elevator, delivering their Corgi named Shanti upstairs to bed.

Nicky Duenkel, Judy Pratt and their pooch Shanti of Nova Scotia, Canada are the proud owners of a 175-square-foot, mobile and eco-friendly tiny home nicknamed ‘Tiny.’

Floor Plan of ‘Tiny’

This may be the only Tiny Home out there right now with a doggie elevator! That’s right — a doggie elevator!

This floor plan is of the main floor, there are two lofts; the larger master sleeping loft is over the kitchen and the doggie elevator is located directly next to the steps, the second loft (without doggie elevator) is over the bathroom.

Tiny House with a Doggie Elevator to the LoftSome Details of Building the Doggie Elevator

The doggie elevator idea arose out of the need to transport Shanti from the bottom floor to the top floor loft, since the stairs are too steep and too hard on his back this was a terrific solution.

As with everything in Tiny, the doggie elevator was completely custom made. One of the main challenges was actually finding the space where this dog-evator could drop down in between the stairs, the cupboard, and counter — all the measurements had to be very precise!

Tiny House with a Doggie Elevator to the LoftThe Elevator joints had to be strong so everything was Rabbited.

With need, comes innovation, and so builder Matt Willox, Owner and main carpenter for Howling Dog Construction in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, innovated the idea to have a doggie elevator that moves up and down via a winch system.

Tiny House with a Doggie Elevator to the LoftAnd as you can see, it has the smallest Howling Dog Construction crew member excited to try it out – someone has to make sure it works correctly before Shanti uses it, right!?!  I know one kid who is begging dad to build a doggie elevator in their bedroom  :-)

Tiny House with a Doggie Elevator to the LoftWhen not in use, the opening in the loft floor is where the doggie elevator rests neatly, it blends beautifully with the surrounding loft railing without taking up any space in the kitchen.

Tiny House with a Doggie Elevator to the LoftThe end result is a one-of-a-kind Tiny Home feature, that has Shanti and his owners happy at the outcome!

Tiny House with a Doggie Elevator to the LoftAfter two weeks of living in ‘Tiny’ they say so far there is one thing that has really stood out…

“How normal it feels,” says Pratt. “People have been talking to us for a long time about ‘how can you live in such a tiny space?’”

In a home the size of Tiny, conserving space is crucial. Storage for life’s necessities can be found in every nook and cranky in a well designed tiny house.

“You need to use the space really well. So every stair somehow has access to space inside of it,” says Duenkel.

It only takes twelve paces to walk across the house, but the couple says it has all of your run-of-mill amenities, including a kitchen, living room, bathroom, as well as guest and master bedroom loft.
The home, which is less than one-tenth the size of a typical suburban house, allows the pair to have a newfound sense of financial freedom. The couple expects to spend about a $100 a month in utilities.

“All of the space we think we need, we don’t really need. That what makes life rich and fulfilling has nothing to do with space,” says Pratt.

Interview while ‘Tiny’ was being built…


Tour of ‘Tiny’ two weeks after moving in…


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