Free Online Herbal Event: The Plant Medicine Summit

Free Online Herbal Event: The Plant Medicine Summit 2016

Plant Medicine Summit: Beneficial for Anyone Seeking Natural Wellness

Free Online Herbal Event: The Plant Medicine Summit 2016Whether you’re intrigued by essential oils and Ayurveda or you’re a practitioner of natural medicine and Chinese herbs — everyone will deepen their knowledge of the healing and evolutionary benefits of botanical medicine.

You’ll find sessions and speakers that will inspire, educate and empower you… experts you can trust! They’ll wade through the mis-information and clearly lay out the best practices and reliable resources for this emergent field.

Esteemed speakers for this life-changing, 4-day event include David Crow, Dr. Vasant Lad, Yun Xiang Tseng (Master Chen), Rosita Arvigo, David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri), Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa (KP Khalsa), Dr. Jill Stansbury and many others.

And here is a small sampling of what will be presented…

  • Dr. Vasant Lad will share Ayurveda’s profound wisdom on the interaction of the world around us and how it contributes to health or disease.
  • Yun Xiang Tseng (Master Chen) will provide illuminating insights on Taoist philosophy and theory for internal alchemy as well as the cultivation of herbs used to improve the quality of meditation.
  • Dr. Jill Stansbury will identify the essential herbs for healing and women’s health.
  • David Frawley (aka Vamadeva Shastri) will bring to light the most important tonics and rejuvenating herbs in Ayurvedic medicine, and how they impact immunity, longevity, brain function, perception and awareness.
  • Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa (KP Khalsa) will show you how to keep your brain and memory healthy as you age.
  • Rosita Arvigo will reveal the secrets of “rainforest remedies,” including the most beneficial vines, roots and barks.

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The Power of The Plant Kingdom

In this enlightening series, you’ll discover that each plant, herb and flower provides a unique pathway into a more profound relationship with your body, mind and soul — opening up opportunities for greater well-being, clarity and spiritual advancement.

The Plant Medicine Summit can be incredibly beneficial for people at all levels. You’ll gain so much whether you’re personally intrigued by essential oils and Ayurveda or you’re a practitioner of natural medicine and Chinese herbs who would like to be more empowered in your work with clients.

During this groundbreaking 4-day event, you will discover:

  • How medicinal plants can address gaps in our healthcare system — providing nourishment, detoxification & healing
  • Powerful ways you can transform your garden into a “home pharmacy”
  • Insights for creating local gardens as a foundation for community healthcare & strengthening collaborative action in your area
  • Inspirational ways medicinal plant industries can help alleviate poverty through sustainable projects
  • The sacred role of medicinal plants & herbs in ceremonies, and rituals in modern and traditional cultures
  • Uses of medicinal plants & herbs for spiritual evolution and to develop awareness of our unity with the cosmos
  • Uses of flower essences that stimulate the healing of the mind, support emotional equilibrium & improve your outlook on life
  • How to apply plant remedies to address stress, anxiety & depression
  • And much more!

Plus, you’ll quickly see that working with medicinal plants can complement any existing practice and help you achieve greater fulfillment and success in life — for you and your clients.

Host David Crow, LAc., is a pioneer who integrates insights and practices from diverse botanical medicine and spiritual traditions, ranging from Ayurveda to Chinese medicine to Buddhism.

Please join us to deepen your wisdom of the healing and evolutionary benefits of the plant kingdom.

Visit HERE for information & details — The Plant Medicine Summit

What people have shared about David Crow & Plant Medicine…

David Crow is a true gift. Pure inspiration! It was food for the soul, something that I obviously needed right at this time. I feel so much more awakened to the interdependence of all things through experience.

— Fiona, Australia
I feel like a kid in a candy shop wanting to try everything! We’ve been given tools to understand and explore medicinal plants in a safe way, but also with the understanding that we pay attention to how each plant affects us individually and in each and every situation.

— Aruna, Aptos, California
The information we’ve received is so fundamentally important that I think it should be given to every human being on the planet. It should be taught to our children in schools.

— Wendy, New Zealand
David has the most balanced, informed approach to holistic healing and natural medicine I’ve ever encountered. I have benefited from this knowledge on both a personal and professional level.

— Jennifer Malins, Integrative Nutrition Coach & Author, Indiana
I am very, very happy with the change in my health due to applying this information. This information can only deepen and continue to bring benefits of which I am able to share with others I work with who face health challenges.

— Ananta Kranti, Thailand

Click here to register for free — The 2016 Plant Medicine Summit

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