Campaign Promises and What Exactly Can a US President Do While in Office?

What Exactly Can a US President Do While in Office?

How many times have we all sat around wondering why in the world a newly elected president appears to not be doing anything they said they would? It’s not uncommon for US citizens to feel let down or frustrated when a candidate they elected for president based on things they said they were going to do or change if elected president. Worse yet, is when we feel like we have been lied to when all the president is doing is stuff he said he would ‘not’ be doing?

There is a reason for all of that which most Americans probably aren’t aware. And, should Trump actually be elected there will be some mighty disappointed people when they learn and/or see that their elected candidate is as worthless at getting anything done as Obama. And, I have to also say, won’t they be disappointed when those things Trump says he will do turn into being things that are quite different than his campaign promises of restoring America.

This election year is filled with all kinds of twists, turns and things we’ve never seen nor heard of before. As exciting and insane as this might be, it really doesn’t change the way our Constitution or government actually work.

By the way, what I’m referring to here doesn’t only just apply to Trump, it also applies to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Just like it has applied to every single president we have elected. Presidents do not and have never had the power to do any of the things any candidate says they will do.

The only time it ‘appears’ that an elected president is doing what he promised on the campaign trail is because by chance, yup by chance, they happened to want the same thing the House of Representatives, Congress, and Senate were going to do anyway.

While I do not particularly care that Lawrence O’Donnell refers to Donald Trump as ‘Little Donald Trump’ the message he is trying to bring into light is one which not only explains ‘why’ we are forever being disappointed by our presidents but it also shows exactly how our Founding Fathers set things up in our government. And, shows really how little power our presidents do have over doing things like: building a wall between the US and Mexico, deporting masses of people from the US, changing minimum wage, closing US borders to Muslims, changing school systems, revamping or eliminating welfare systems, creating a healthcare for all citizens, and practically everything else that we voters feel is important and the reason why we elected someone in the first place.

Watch The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell and his guests and see how little control any elected president has over the issues that they run on during an election year…

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