Soul of Healing Summit

Many struggle with pain and illness despite years of treatment. Could healing involve more than physical/medical interventions? Learn how to harness the power of your mind, emotions and spirit to create radical self-healing! The Soul of Healing Summit is online and free from July 11-18, 2016.Soul of Healing Summit: Learn to harness the power of your mind, emotions and spirit to create radical self-healing!

The Soul of Healing Summit merges the best of science, medicine and spirituality to help you create radical self-healing, and harness this innate power for deep and lasting health. You’ll learn from some of the top healers, scientists and experts around the world, who will share their wisdom and experience so you can find a deeply-integrated approach for personal healing.

Why Attend?

While diet, exercise and supplements may produce remarkable results, if the vital role of the mind, emotions and soul are not taken into account, lasting health may not be possible. Body, mind and soul cannot be separated; they work together. When operating in a unified and optimized way, they have the power to create perpetual health, wellness, wholeness and long-term fulfillment.

Alicia Lynn will host the week-long series.

Alicia Lynn Diaz, MA, AHP, founder of the Inner Mastery Process™, has facilitated hundreds of clients to eradicate illness, dissolve emotional blocks and overcome stuckness. She is masterful at distilling, with purity, the specific source of your breakthrough in health and life.

Alicia Lynn’s experience as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Clinical Physiologist, combined with deep spiritual mentorship from a Vedic Master who advised the Dalai Lama, has given her a unique and potent ability to help others effectively activate their innate self-healing power. She is gifted in deeply integrating the scientific and spiritual aspects of healing into tangible, practical reality.

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If you learn even one fact from one expert that changes your life, it will be worth it!

To own the online access package for all of the expert talks is $59 now through Monday morning at 10AM EST.

After that, it increases to $79.

Owning the talks also gives you access to eCourses, guides, eBooks and other advice from the expert speakers, at no additional charge!

The Soul of Healing Summit could help you address:

  • Cancer
  • Autoimmune diseases (including MS and Rheumatoid Arthritis)
  • Infertility
  • Genetic disorders
  • Nerve damage, brain imbalances & neurological conditions
  • Bipolar disorder, depression and mental illness
  • Traumatic injuries with poor prognosis
  • Gut/Digestive imbalances
  • Obesity
  • Addiction
  • Lyme disease
  • Emotional trauma (including PTSD)
  • Stress, anxiety and sleep disturbances
  • Other chronic and “irreversible” conditions!

The 2016 Soul of Healing Summit is online and free from July 11-18, 2016!

Click here to register for FREE now!

Click here to own all of the expert talks to watch at your own pace!

After registering for the Soul of Healing Summit, be sure to scroll down to the 5 thank you video gifts, these 5 gift video’s will get you feeling ready for the week-long summit.

In these 5 free gifts listen to Rudolph E. Tanzi, PhD, NY Times Bestselling Author of Unleash the Power of Your Brain & DNA for Health & Well-Being, Deanna Minich, PhD, Author of Whole Detox Redefining Detox: Detoxing for Your WHOLE Self, and the 3-part video series Prescriptions for Self-Healing by Alicia Lynn she goes through 3 beautiful releasing meditation exercises which will leave you feeling inspired and on a serious path to wholeness.

I’ll see you at the summit!




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