Design Your Own Tiny House With This Fun Online Tool

Do you think about designing your own tiny house but aren’t sure where to start? If yes, you will have so much fun with this interactive page where you can design the exterior, floor plan, finishes and interior of your tiny house – it’s so much fun!

Start by finding the right Tiny House RV model for you, select the floor plan and choose your layout options. Then, select tons of other options!

Do keep in mind that if you are handy and the DIY type you can take a workshop to learn how to build your own, which I would recommend if you’re not an experienced builder since there are a lot of details when going tiny.

Here’s a little walk-through of what I have chosen for my tiny house…

First, select a model that best suits your needs in look as well as size. I like the Cypress model. Then, select a floor plan – I personally like the ‘Horizon 26’ floor plan because there is a large closet in the hallway which would be my herbal and essential oil apothecary, and there is a small bedroom on the first floor which could be my office.

Design Your Own Tiny House with this Handy Online Tool

Design Your Own Tiny House with this Handy Online Tool

There are kitchen layout options too. In the Horizon floor plan there are 3 to pick from. I think I like the ‘Bay Window Kitchen’ option the best so I have nice natural light while cooking. And I think I like the bathroom sink by the bathroom door, so I’ve selected that option.

Moving on to the exterior finishes. This is a tough one for me since I love natural wood, both Clapboard and Board & Batten, natural finished wood as well as paint colors – this is a tough one :-)

There are options too for having a railing on the little porch, or not. I think I would opt for no railing since I can imagine myself wanting to have it more open and leading down to a deck or patio. But then, there is an option for making the porch into a vestibule so it makes a nice mudroom, I think I’d have to go with that since it’s so practical since I’m a big gardener.

Next comes the windows, they use Jeld-Wen’s dazzling premium wood windows with aluminum clad exterior which are dual-pane, dual-glazed, low-e and with tempered glass for efficiency and safety. I love the awning windows too since you can have them open even while it’s raining.

The exterior doors are custom crafted with top of the line hardware and a matching window. There is an optional second entry, located on the side of the tiny house, I like that too! Or, you can have the side door be your main entry door… OK now they’re making the choices tougher but loads more fun – LOL!

You might also enjoy Tiny House with a Sauna to draw further inspiration! Or, if you’ve got a pooch a Tiny House Doggie Elevator might be more of what you’re thinking.

Design Your Own Tiny House with this Handy Online Tool

The roof… that’s a metal standing seam roof with a 30 year material warranty. It is fireproof, lightweight and available in four colors. You can expand the traditional gable roof by adding dormers and/or stargaze from the comforts of your tiny house by installing a skylight(s).

I definitely have to have the double shed dormers so there will be plenty of headroom, views and natural lighting in the loft. And, the pine board interior walls I would have stained a white-wash so the space feels even better lit and spacious.

Design Your Own Tiny House with this Handy Online Tool

Flooring… natural cork in chestnut is my choice. It’s softer under foot plus it feels warmer on your feet. That one is a no-brainer for me, ha-ha I love this kind of stuff! Bamboo is the other option, which is a wonderful option but for me I want soft and warm.

A ceiling fan is a must. Check! As are LED light bulbs since I want to be off-grid.

Loft railings are a must. I’ve heard that more people fall out of their lofts than folks like to think. So, check!

A 6 foot tall bookcase is another must-have but I think I will build my own so I have better control over the spacing heights of the shelves – I have a lot of books I’m keeping and want to make sure they all fit on one shelf.

There are options for USB charger and data/TV. Those are necessary these days.

Now, on to the kitchen! The options are butcher block or stainless steel. I have to go with the stainless steel kitchen countertops so I don’t have to worry about setting down a hot pot or staining the surface.

Design Your Own Tiny House with this Handy Online Tool

Next are the appliances, electric stainless steel EdgeStar 3.1 Cu. Ft. Energy Star fridge/freezer, or the electric Avanti 7.4 Cu. Ft. apartment style compact refrigerator.

Cooking appliances are a nice selection; 20″ gas or electric stainless steel range with an oven – I have to have an oven since I love baking and propane for off-grid. The other options are: a True Induction 2-burner electric cooktop or 2-burner propane cooktop, which features dual 6,500 BTU burners.

There is a choice to have or not have upper kitchen cabinets. I would chose not simply because I want things open and maybe have a shelf instead, makes it feel more spacious.

Design Your Own Tiny House with this Handy Online Tool

For the bathroom, a 32” x 32” fiberglass shower is standard as is the brushed nickel Moen Adler shower head with a standard 2.5 gpm of water flow for approximately 5-10 min. shower. And there’s an adorable porcelain Barclay sink with brushed nickel Moen Boardwalk faucet standard, I’m happy with all of that. I must have a composting toilet, so check! A vent fan is standard, perfect!

Design Your Own Tiny House with this Handy Online Tool

Storage steps to the loft are a must. I don’t want to deal with a ladder.

Design Your Own Tiny House with this Handy Online Tool

I will get my own washer since I do not want a washer/dryer combo, I prefer hanging my clothes to dry outdoors on a clothesline.

My energy selection is a combo of electric and propane. I would be installing my own solar power and will no doubt need a tiny shed built by the trailer hitch end to store that and the propane tanks.

What’s cool about this whole design your own process is that while you’re making different selections a tally is being run in the right column, so you always know if you’re staying on budget.




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