Herbal Fermentation Online Course

Herbal Fermentation Online Course

Would you like to have the confidence to create your own herbal beer, herbal mead, herbal kombucha, herbal water kefir, and herbal fermented foods using basic, easy-to-come by ingredients and supplies? Are you ready to transform your kitchen with herbal fermentation?

Explore the realms of herbal fermentation and discover new ways to capture the beneficial qualities of herbs with the help of life-supporting microorganisms through lacto fermentation and homemade brews in this new online course. In The Craft of Herbal Fermentation Course, the Herbal Academy will teach you a unique way to share your passion and curiosity of herbalism with others!

Learn each fermentation process step-by-step

The exclusive video tutorials and written lessons in this course guide you through the exciting process of making homemade beer, meads, kombuchas, and lacto-fermented foods while incorporating herbs to make these ferments especially unique. The course includes exclusive recipes to get you started!

The Herbal Academy designed four units to create this short but information-packed program:

  1. Herbal Beer and Ales
  2. Herbal Mead
  3. Herbal Kombucha and Water Kefir
  4. Lacto-Fermented Herbs and Vegetables

At checkout, you can choose to upgrade your registration with the beautifully-designed fermentation tutorial and recipe guides! Take these durable, laminated instructions into the kitchen with you while you prepare your herbal ferments to help guide you through the process and inspire you with exclusive recipes!

Regularly priced at $119-$149, pre-registration begins February 15, 2017 and runs through March 7, 2017 at just $99.

The Craft of Herbal Fermentation Course by Herbal Academy

Use this link to sign up now to hold your place in class: The Craft of Herbal Fermentation Course

The Craft of Herbal Fermentation Course Outline:

UNIT 1: Herbal Beer and Ales

Learn how to craft your own herbal beer and ales. Academy Educator Tara Welty, L.Ac. guides you through the process of incorporating herbs into your home brewing process. She also explores the ways herbal homebrews can be used to celebrate the connection between plants and humans or even used ceremonially.

Unit 1 covers the following practical and accessible material: An Introduction to Brewing Herbal Beer; Herbal Beer Brewing Tutorial Video; A Subversive Guide to Herbal Homebrewing Video; and an Herbal Beer Tasting and Conversation Video.

UNIT 2: Herbal Mead

Learn everything you need to know to make spectacular herbal meads. Academy Educator Marc Williams of Plants & Healers International discusses wildcrafting herbal ingredients, using herbs and spices from around the world, the different types of yeast that can be used for mead-making, and how to use a hydrometer to measure alcohol content. Marc also explores the philosophical side of herbal meads by discussing the way mead can convey a unique story.

Unit 2 includes lessons on: Herbal Mead Brewing Philosophy; Making Herbal Mead Video Tutorials; and How to Brew Herbal Mead.

UNIT 3: Herbal Kombucha and Water Kefir

Kombucha and water kefir are yet another opportunity to use herbs during the process of fermentation to benefit from unique properties for health and wellness. Erika Galentin, MNIMH, Course Development Director, guides students through the brewing process. Learn about the perceived benefits of kombucha and water kefir, as well as how much residual sugar, alcohol, and caffeine may be present in the finished brew. Erika will also discuss the importance of good bacteria and the fascinating microbial ecology within and around us.

Unit 3 includes lessons that cover: An Introduction to Herbal Kombucha and Water Kefir; Kombucha Brewing Basics; Herbal Kombucha Tutorial video; Water Kefir Brewing Basics Video; Herbal Water Kefir Tutorial Video; as well as Herbal Kombucha and Water Kefir Resources.

UNIT 4: Lacto-fermented Herbs and Vegetables

Herbs can be used to add flavor and extra nutrition to fermented vegetables, and Unit 4 teaches students to lacto-ferment herbs either on their own or as part of the recipe with vegetables. Academy Educator Ariel Martian introduces students to the process of lacto fermentation and provides recipes and tutorials that explore the ways fermentation can strengthen the bond between nourishment and healing.

In this Unit you will find: An Introduction to Lacto-fermentation and How to Get Started; Herbal Lacto-fermentation Tutorial Video; and Lacto-fermentation Instructions, Recipes, and Resources

By the End of this Course

  • You will have the confidence to create your own herbal beer, herbal mead, herbal kombucha, herbal water kefir, and herbal fermented foods using basic, easy-to-come by ingredients and supplies.
  • You will understand how to care for and support the vitality of probiotic fermentation cultures as well as gain an understanding of the benefits and drawbacks to incorporating herbs into probiotic fermentations.
  • You will be able to discern between different types of ingredients required for successful fermentation and how these differences can add special qualities, flavors, or wellness benefits to the process.
  • You will be familiar with the necessary brewing supplies, fermentation vessels, bottling options, and other equipment.
  • You will have an understanding of safety, sanitation, and cleanliness considerations related to brewing herbal ferments.
  • You will have confidence that you are making healthful and safe fermentation products.
  • You will have a firm appreciation for the benefits and cautions of incorporating probiotic fermentations such as kombucha, water kefir, and fermented foods into your daily wellness routine.
  • You will be able to appreciate the alchemy and ceremony that herbal fermentation can inspire through discussions on plant spirit medicine, herbal constituent bioavailability, and even creating community through fermentation.

The Craft of Herbal Fermentation Course by Herbal Academy has something to offer for every level of interest, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned homebrewer or kitchen fermentation expert. Enjoy the beauty and complexity that herbs can bring to any fermentation process with the inspiration, techniques, and processes you’ll discover in this course.

Pre-registration for the Craft of Herbal Fermentation Course begins February 15, 2017 and is available for $99 through March 7, 2017.

A course upgrade that includes laminated guides and recipes for easy reference in the kitchen is also available for $129 during pre-registration. Use this link to find more information and sign up for The Craft of Herbal Fermentation Course

The Craft of Herbal Fermentation Course by Herbal Academy

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