Getting Into Cryptocurrencies a Leap of Faith?

Getting Into Cryptocurrencies

This is my first post on what is to be my newest venture into the world of cryptocurrencies. I have spent several months looking into what all the buzz was regarding these things with weird sounding names like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Veritaseum, LiteCoin, Monero, Steem, Dogecoin, FunFair, and Dash… and what in the world is a Blockchain and an ICO??? Surely taking in so much brand new information would make my brain explode! Of course not, I would remind myself daily – LOL.

While I will admit to being completely confused my first month of effort to understand what this stuff was and how it all worked. I hung in there, having complete faith it would all start coming together and making sense.

It’s a good thing we also think with our gut instincts… mine kept saying, “stick with it this is the direction the entire world is heading”. And so I did. While I am certainly no expert I am going to get into this small, to play it safe, and build from there as my knowledge and skill increases.

I will tell you another thing my gut instinct had been saying to me, which is quite possibly the main reason I did hang in there… my great concern for everything that’s happening not only in this country but around the world. I have sensed for several years now that the systems we have grown up with and are used to functioning in are not only going to change completely but change rapidly.

Have you sensed too that we are directly on the cusp of things changing in enormous ways?

The more I learned, the more there was to learn. And that has not stopped.

Like all new large things they have an infancy, an infancy with involves growing pains and even that of learning how to walk and then run. Thus far, I would say getting into the cryptocurrencies at this early stage is probably not for the faint-of-heart, give it some time and it will all find its place and settle in… into what is apparently about to be the next currency.

It’s quite exciting to watch this develop. But I can’t help but wonder about the 99 percent of the worlds population who does not even know this exists and that we are headed right into it at an ever quickening ace. Sometimes while watering the garden I see a neighbor, who I know hasn’t a clue about any of this, and wonder what kind of response they will have when they learn that the change is upon them, upon everyone.

A couple weeks ago, I had a conversation with the manager at my local bank. I asked him if he knew about cryptocurrencies, I had to repeat cryptocurrencies twice before he replied, “um, I think I’ve heard of it before, is that the AI (Artificial Intelligence) I see in the movies?”

All I could think to myself is “wow, this guy doesn’t know what’s happening.” My eyes scanned around the bank lobby, as I caught sight of the tellers who I know knew less than the manager, I began to feel like I had just gone backwards in time… to the period just before people would begin to find out.

I did tell the bank manager that AI was not the same as cryptocurrencies and that he would be smart to start learning about this and start thinking about the necessary career path changes so he wouldn’t be blindsided in a year from now. It was then that something clicked in his brain and he said, “oh, those kind of changes won’t happen for another 10 to 20 years from now. We’re using technology. We’re always coming up with new Apps for our customers.”

I explained to him that what’s happening right now makes those cell phone Apps look like dinosaurs, it’s already antiquated. I also told him that those are nothing more than individual pieces of eye candy, it’s like putting lipstick on a pig. It’s the system we’ve been using is broken, and horribly corrupt. This new system, the blockchain, was made by the people because we’re fed-up with the controlling, broken system and all of the horrible things that go on within the banking system. He didn’t get it and referred back to how they are going to utilize technology to make banking easier. I shock my head and felt even more like I had come from the future in a time machine to a population who was completely unaware and couldn’t see the trees for the forest.

I intend to write a new post daily on the cryptocurrencies to talk about what I’m doing and how I’m doing it, my insights and thoughts, and experiences. My goal is not so much to advise people but rather enlighten them to what’s coming, what to expect, and sort of put myself on the line as a self-imposed guinea pig.

Much more to come ;-)

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