Herbal Studies: The Herbarium and Herbal Courses {online}

Herbal Studies: The Herbarium and Herbal Courses {online}The Herbal Academy is a virtual way to learn about herbs. Herbal medicine and herbal remedies are more than merely substituting a tincture for a pill. In my own life, herbalism has been a transformative, lifelong experience, and The Herbarium has been a part of my journey.

The study of the healing herbs is a lifelong pursuit that integrates lifestyle and a level of confidence in knowing how to put into practice integration of the healing plants in our lives.
In our gardens or in the wild, as we watch these living medicines grow we have an opportunity to learn how to incorporate their restorative properties through each season, these treasures of the natural world become our beloved companions in our transformation.

As the seasons change and our knowledge deepens, we begin to see things that may have gone unnoticed.

The joy experienced when the dandelions emerge each spring and their bright yellow blossoms dot the landscape makes the concept of dandelion being an annoying weed pest instantly vanish as we experience weeds become our allies. Or when a hike in a forest or pasture is taken to a higher level when you discover there is an entire medicine cabinet surrounding you.

The rapture of being awakened, once obtained, means there will be no going back.

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What is an herbarium

An herbarium is a collection of preserved botanical specimens. It can be a journal, an organized file box, or a museum. It is used to document native plants, medicinal plants, and to further the knowledge of botany and herbalism locally. In this case, the collection of preserved specimens is virtual and open for study in The Herbarium.

Who is the Herbarium for?

  • The The Herbarium is for newbies who are purchasing herbal teas and want to learn how to make their own tea blends.
  • The The Herbarium is for those who have studied herbs informally and want some guidance and direction to further their studies.
  • The The Herbarium is for those who homeschool who want to expand on their botany, science, and history knowledge, with hands on learning.
  • The The Herbarium is for those who have gone through formal herbal or medical studies and want a community that shares their passion for lifelong learning.

The Herbarium by the Herbal Academy

What to expect within the Herbarium

  • To properly take advantage of your membership in the Herbarium you will need a high speed internet connection.
  • The graphics are large so you can see the details of each plant.
  • There are videos, articles, craft projects, and podcasts too.
  • If you can stream videos from YouTube you will be able to take full advantage of the The Herbarium.
  • When you first enter the site you come to a garden gate, reminiscent of the children’s novel, The Secret Garden.
  • A wealth of herbal information awaits you.

The contributors are herbalists, medical doctors, writers, PhDs, botanists, and practitioners.
Inside the The Herbarium you will find full-length, well researched articles, links to evidence based herbal science, videos, and crafts.

There is a membership forum to reduce your isolation, and give you a sounding board.

The monograph area where you can search herbs by their action, energetics, taste, common preparations, or alphabetically.

The Herbarium is a reference library to enrich your herbal studies.

The Herbarium by the Herbal Academy

Take it up a notch with an Herbal Course

The Herbal Academy Courses offer more guidance and an organized curriculum to guide you through your herbal studies. While the Herbarium is like the reference library that enriches your studies.

Introductory, Intermediate, Entrepreneur, Advanced, Short Courses, Craft of Herbal Fermentation, and Herbalist Path Packages which include: Clinical Herbalist, Entrepreneur Herbalist, Professional Herbalist, Family Herbalist.

Thousands of students are enrolled in the Herbal Academy Courses at any given time.

There’s an herbal educational program designed just for you, at any experience level!

Your enrollment gives you immediate access into your course, an invitation to join the student-only Facebook community, an option to choose your start date, a certificate of completion upon graduating.

Introductory Herbal Course, explore herbs in greater depth in the Intermediate Herbal Course, prepare for business endeavors in the Entrepreneur Herbal Course, and delve into complex clinical topics in the Advanced Herbal Course.

Preview Lesson from the Introductory Herbal Course

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