Lessons on Preparedness: From Hurricanes Harvey and Irma (part 1)

Lessons Learned From Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

Right now several million people in Texas and Florida are dealing with the onslaught or aftermath of hurricanes Harvey or Irma. My heartfelt prayers go out to all of the people who lost and braved these storms in-place or by evacuating.

Eastern North Carolina was spared this time. But what about hurricane Jose? And the one after that?

I was a mere two days away from evacuating from hurricane Irma. I spent a good few days looking at my preps and considering which direction to head towards. Not all disasters provide us that much time to consider what we might do.

Last year we had Matthew. Even though the eye never made landfall, both easternĀ  South and North Carolina were hit with so much rainfall that a good bit of I-95 was closed for weeks, and many roads and bridges were completely washed away, gone. One year later, some areas in this region still have not been repaired.

A couple days ago, I saw on our local news that a hotel in Lumberton, North Carolina said good-bye to one of its year-long guests from Matthew… making way just in time for the hoards of evacuee’s traveling north to get away from hurricane Irma.

They say our weather will be much more severe in the coming years. Severe weather is just one of the things which make me consider all of the other things, man-made and natural, that can pose devastation or even lesser changes to our lives.

Years ago I made the choice to start learning how to take care of myself if modern conveniences were not at my disposal. It has been a learning experience of delightful surprises… everything from things I never imagined I would be doing or learning, to practicing those things and becoming comfortable with them, if not proficient.

You might be interested in reading about my experiences at a Wilderness Survival Class.

What I like about the conversation in this video below, with David Westcott and Mors Kochanski, is that it helps me become more aware of myself and what I currently can and can’t do well. These hurricanes have gotten me to think on a different level about what kind of additions do I want to explore more deeply and also add to my skill sets.

My lesson from Harvey and Irma is… how quickly things can change and how ready am I for a disastrous change? And, how quickly can I get out of dodge with only the things that will be necessary?

Beyond the immediate, I am also examining the ways in which I need to improve not only my skills but also my emotional condition, what more do I need to do to equip myself emotionally for thriving?

If it’s easy enough to determine a location that will not likely be hit by severe weather –if you need to evacuate from a hurricane– it just might be a good time to take the family a good distance away and go camping. Practice your skills. Discover where your weaknesses might be so that you can do something to change that.

What have these hurricanes gotten you to think about and what changes you want to make? Leave a comment below.

I will end part one of this ongoing series now because one of the things I want to strengthen further are my herbal skills. My lifelong interest in herbs has served me well not only in quality of life but in being independent. Currently, I’m taking two of the terrific online courses over at The Herbal Academy they offer several online courses for every level, from beginner to practitioner, and direction one might want to take. They even have a course on fermenting, which I love! And The Herbarium further enhances ones herbal studies, do check it out.

And of course, I have taken stock of my herbal pantry. Dried herbs are light-weight and easy to pack. I wouldn’t go anywhere without my herbs and essential oils… both I’ve used extensively for decades now to stay well and to heal whatever ails me and my family. Star West Botanicals has high quality and a wonderful assortment dried bulk herbs.

And this is one of my favorites for dehydrated foods…

Please stay well everybody!





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