How To: Axe, Knife and Friction Fire Techniques for Bushcraft & Camping

This is a fantastic video on bushcraft techniques on properly using an axe to split wood, setting up a tarp shelter so to avoid rainwater puddling, using your knife efficiently to make Feather Sticks, and the basics of friction fire making.

The video below was created by Mike Pullen of TA Outdoors who joined up with Paul Kirtley of Frontier Bushcraft this past August in the UK to learn from the beginner’s point of view how to use proper technique so as to perform bushcraft tasks safely and efficiently.

Paul beautifully explains in detail the how and why of each technique demonstrated help the viewer learn a myriad of skills in such a way that injuries are greatly reduced and setting up camp goes much easier and trouble-free.

Paul demonstrates what to do when your axe gets stuck in a log while splitting wood… we’ve all been there done that, right!? Also, how to not wack yourself in the knee, shin, or your hand while splitting wood, fortunately I’ve never done that but have been concerned that I could.

Maybe your hands get beat-up and blistered when trying to create fire by friction… Paul demonstrates the skilled method and when Mike goes to work at it Paul points out how Mikes technique needs to be tweaked a bit so he can make that hot ember… no blisters!

I’ve worked on Feather Sticks before and had mixed success. By watching Paul and listening to his detailed explanations identifying a good piece of wood to start with, how to hold the knife, the angle of the blade, amount of pressure and why, I feel like I have a much greater understanding of not only what I have done wrong but how to correct those things.

The tarp set-up is just brilliant! No more worrying about puddling or flapping in the breeze. I’ve learned what I was doing wrong and what I need to do to correct those problems.

Oh and if you’re a coffee drinker you will thoroughly enjoy how they make coffee without using a filter in such a way to have no coffee grinds in your mug!

  • Axe & Saw Technique: 2:30
  • Camp Setup Tarp Set-up: 44:03
  • Knife Skills & Making Feather Sticks: 49:34
  • Basic Fire Lighting Tips: 56:08
  • Friction Fire Lighting: 1:09:15

I hope you found this video as useful as I have. Please share below in the comments what insights this video gave you on your techniques.

Thank you Mike and Paul for your thorough demonstrations on some of the most important basics in bushcraft and camping. Please visit Mike’s TA Outdoors YouTube channel and visit Paul Kirtley’s YouTube channel for many other useful video’s on bushcrafting.

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