Ev-June-2015-300This is a community for anyone interested in real stuff: food, gardening, inspiration, herbs, aromatherapy, conscious living, wellness, downsizing, and most of all… living in beauty. Thank you so much for being here and walking this journey with me.

Throughout the course of our lives as we reach different levels of awareness, we  do what we can to enhance our consciousness and preserve the environment. Most days, we walk a fine line, teetering between what we should and shouldn’t be doing. Sure it’s fun and novel to have a new thing or proceed through life not knowing or being aware of what’s going on in the world.

At the same time it can present some interesting challenges, like; “OMG, I’m yet again contributing to global warning!”, to more plastics (AGAIN!), to those boots sure are cute, or another nice smelling lotion or potion, or I just heard about this-or-that I will look for it the next time I am out and about. Before you know it we are thinking about doing, or are actually doing, the very things we said we would not do again, our closets and garages are filled with stuff we hardly ever use. I won’t even talk about storage units!!! Talk about a vicious cycle!

I could sit here and tell you about me, my accomplishments, and so forth. I could tell you that the poverty of my childhood, beginning to study healing herbs at age 15, studying classical Feng Shui, Labyrinth Design & Facilitation, Space Clearing, Qi Gong Healing, distance healing, native plants, and being perhaps the only landscaper in the USA who didn’t own a lawn mower or weed trimmer (I tore out lawns and created landscapes that beckoned wildlife and people to engage), or that in 1990 I stopped buying household cleaners and began making my own with essential oils, or that I have always spent time in nature, and that I lived in a tent for a year in the mountains of NC (and loved it!), and spent a lifetime observing and learning the interactions of living things, why each is dependent upon the other, or…

I can tell you it was those things and others that contributed to who I am today.

Through this blog, Sacred Habitats, I wish to inspire, empower, make a difference today and tomorrow, and in the future because really, it doesn’t matter what I’ve done… at the end of the day, what does matter is what I will do with what I have learned.

Many people are familiar with the Seventh Generation philosophy commonly credited to the Iroquois Confederacy but practiced by many Native nations. The Seventh Generation philosophy mandated that tribal decision makers consider the effects of their actions and decisions for descendants seven generations into the future. There was a clear understanding that everything we do has consequences for something and someone else, reminding us that we are all ultimately connected to creation.

So this brings me to ‘why I am glad to see you here’. I believe that when people come together that it is much easier to stay on course and accomplish that which we set out to do.

Daily I ponder the meaning and significance of ‘global consciousness’.

Global Consciousness Definition (I found on the internet)

The ability to understand the global, international, and/or cross-cultural sources, interconnections, and/or implications of systems, institutions, events, and/or actions; value and acknowledge other cultures as legitimate; demonstrate open-mindedness, and act effectively in settings where language and culture are not native. Global consciousness includes the expectation that people understand domestic diversity issues (privilege, power, societal “isms,” social justice) and exhibit behaviors that reveal an inclination toward equity; and that they understand the ways that diversity/social justice issues play out globally.

Social responsibility is the ability to understand one’s connection to broader communities (local, national, global); reveal the disposition to act in an informed way to serve the wider good and not simply one’s own interests; and exhibit behavior that aligns with this disposition.

Ethical awareness is the willingness and ability to identify moral and ethical contexts and dilemmas; critically examine, assess, and/or change one’s own ethical values; and examine the implications of one’s own behavior for the lives of others.

For me, global consciousness is much more than about people interacting with other people. It’s also about our collective thinking and behavior. It’s also about becoming aware of the myriad of ways every living thing in the Universe is connected to everything else.

They say, our thoughts are things. If that’s true then, even though they do not appear to be tangible, our collective thinking and behavior would in fact then change or influence anything and everything we think about. That’s a big fat hairy, OMG!!! That could also explain why we are in the mightiest mess that human civilization has ever encountered. Let’s face it, the condition of things isn’t that good and most of why that’s so is due to us, humans doing and thinking the things we do and think.

Which also means WE have to take far more responsibility for the condition of everything than we have. The droughts, the pollution, the poisons applied to and sprayed on soil and crops, the billions required to rebuild a coastal town after a hurricane, each McMansion constructed, each schoolyard bully, theft, each item on a super-store shelf, the frequency of blizzards, the hottest heat of the century, and much more… is a reflection of all of us as a whole unit, that means we each are 100% responsible for all of it.

It’s been a trend the past 20 years, or so, to point a finger at someone or something as being the culprit. They did it! They are the ones responsible, not me!

Fact is, most of the stuff that has contributed to the problems we all are faced with are our fault too. It’s our fault because we are allowing it to continue to happen. If we all stopped using plastic shopping bags –and used canvas instead– we could stop an enormous amount of plastic from ever entering into the environment. When I say ‘entering into’ that statement also includes all of the chemical nastiness that occurs long before that bag is made and reaches our hands.

The same holds true for chemical crop sprays, chemical personal care products, chemical fire retardant dowsed home furnishings (that includes the same chemical on your bed pillows and child’s PJ’s!!!), the wasting of electricity – funny how when I was growing up we were encouraged to not waste it, today no one gives it a second thought, instead we simply build another polluting coal burning plant (BTW, there is no such thing as clean coal, that is all marketing hype so they can continue tearing down entire mountains completely destroying not only huge mountains but also contaminating the surrounding environment.

There are many other facts of destruction occurring by humans, to humans and the environment, on our behalf every single minute. And, there are many people out there right now trying to educate others, get things changed, and make a real difference.

I look forward to helping someone learn something they didn’t know before. Likewise, I look forward from learning something from you that I didn’t know before. It’s a 2-way street.

Peace, Love & Light


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