Ev-June-2015-300I created this blog to share with others things I know, do, like, and some new things that I am trying. My background and interests are primarily around plants, gardening, herbs, cooking, aromatherapy, energy healing.

I have always been self-employed which means I have had to make adjustments along the way, trends do make a big difference for those who are self-employed. My very first venture was as an antique dealer and while that was great fun back in the 1970’s and early 1980’s things changed, remember those lines and you could only buy gas every other day? Well, that was my first experience in how what happens out there can impact what a self-employed person does. Needless to say, the petro industry had a significant impact on the antiques business and after 2+ years of scraping by it was time to move on to the next rewarding adventure… starting an import business, exporting jewelry and giftware from SE Asia in 1985. It was exciting and I met many wonderful crafts people and small factory owners. After a decade and a half of importing and developing new products I grew into a desire to be doing something more, something I was passionate about. That something was landscaping.

I took my lifetime knowledge of plants to the next level and began a landscape business. I didn’t own a lawn mower or hedge trimmer’s, instead I created outdoor spaces that beckoned wildlife and homeowner’s. I cannot express the feeling of being outdoors all day, every day, year after year… how the connection to the natural world increases significantly. I had even gotten to the point where I could identify local weeds, in my own and clients gardens, by the way they felt to the touch… it had never occurred to me that if I handled something in nature that many times that I would be able to distinguish it from a native or cultivated plant that was planted directly along side. It can be done!

My specialty was designing and installing a balance of native and cultivated plant and tree species, in a way which was harmonious with the land. One of my objectives in plant selection and design was to restore a natural balance and harmony that was rarely seen in landscape design… to be perfectly honest, I had become so sensitive to things that didn’t belong in a native landscape that I could identify a tree or plant while traveling at 65mph ,and a fair enough distance away, and tell you whether it was a native species or not. Each spring I would cringe when I would see the garish mound shapes of yellow flowers of the Forsythia, to me seeing such things in the landscape looked as out-of-place as a pair of shoes being sold at a used car lot, it just doesn’t work. For me, the landscape absolutely had to look like it belonged in that part of the world and nothing pretentious about it.

Sadly, I think most homeowner’s just aren’t aware of what beautiful and useful native and heirlooms are available, many of them being either as showy, or far more interesting, than they thought possible. In my bring balance back into landscapes I also brought to each design a sense of connection and always incorporated an area, or aura if you will, of Sacredness, a space where my clients and their visitors would relish in the special connections they sensed while there. I think the ability and consciousness for me to do that was due to an awareness I had my entire life, which is why I was drawn to and studied many ancient practices, particularly Eastern… LOL… I have always said, “you cannot develop an entire practice of something like acupuncture, classical Feng Shui, Yoga, or Tai Chi, UNLESS you have an extremely deep connection not only to nature, but the Earth, the Universe – it is from those places, and the ether, where we develop the sight to acknowledge and get to know and work with or through them.”

When my now ex-partner and I had the importing business we had an ongoing conversation about “do we want to create more new stuff to sell to people simply to make money?” That two decade long conversation was prompted by what we were seeing around us, back in the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s, so much unnecessary stuff and waste and what it was all doing to the minds and behavior’s of people. We made a lot of money but there was always an underlying knowing of how we were contributing to the whole consumerism cancer.

Most of us grew up with being told what to do, how to dress, what to buy, how to live, how to… how to do damn near everything and if we didn’t our peers would ostracize us on some level. Hmmm, a very clever marketing tactic, make people feel like crap if they don’t buy into the whole game hook-line-and-sinker.

I remember, and maybe you do too, back in the 1960’s and late 1970’s, it was super-easy to save money because there was very little that made us feel compelled to dig into our savings accounts and spend it on things. While the assortment of things was minuscule compared to today in many ways our being social face-to-face and doing things together was common. I think it’s safe to say that we knew our neighbors and spent a lot more time doing things together, reading, and spent a lot more time outdoors year-round.

Today, we have Generation X, Y, Y (LOL) and the Millennials who have absolutely no interest whatsoever in the stuff that so many of us couldn’t get enough of and hold onto, we had become addicted through mind-conditioning, the trillions of dollars corporations spent over generations, to create conditions and habits of over-consumption. And this was the kind of thing my ex-partner and I saw developing at astonishing pace back in the 1970’s… while we wanted no part of it we were also living in a culture where how much one can consume determines the health of us and our country – or so they convinced us to believe.

I don’t blame the Millennials one bit for completely rejecting what has been created. Everything from stuff to the media, to op-culture to how people interact… they hate it and want no part of it, and I don’t blame them one bit. While there is some good taking place, there is a huge mess we are passing on to them and that’s not right. Looking back on my life, there are many things I would have done differently if I knew this is the direction we were headed.

Thankfully, since the debacle of 2008 (a nice way of saying we got screwed big time!) some people with skills and forethought we are now faced with what I think is on the way to solving many of the problems in our country and the world, the biggest of which is all of the lying and corrupt transferring of wealth from the people to the top one percent. A few years ago my brain was spinning, trying to figure out how in the world we will ever get out of this mess.

Enter the crypto-currencies!

It’s been over the past several months that I began to understand what exactly what crypto-currencies are and what could be done with them.They are in their infancy and there have already been growing pains and some of them are hanging on strongly, Bitcoin being one. By the way, if you’re familiar with Clif High’s work in Predictive Linguistics you will be happy to know that when he looked in his data sets he saw that Bitcoin was still around in 100 years from now.

Because I strongly believe that the crypto-currencies ARE here to stay, at least the honest ones, I do intend to document my personal thoughts and experiences diving into them and using them to ensure I have a financial future that sustains me. Like many, I lost most everything in the 2008 debacle, it’s been impossible for me to regain what I lost. The crypto-currency world does provide opportunities, very real opportunities… but beware… there are things that MUST be paid attention to so that you severely minimize risks and losses. I hope to provide useful information to my readers on how to proceed into the world of crypto-currencies and come out ahead.

I wondered too, if the┬ácrypto-currencies by any chance, provide us with the tools necessary to take things in a more honest and open direction. It does indeed look like they do! A direction that can help preserve humanity, restores fairness, as well as preservation of our natural resources by allowing all of the known technology to reach the people, for instance, most know about Tesla’s work on providing free electricity to everyone in the world.

The fact that the powers that be have prevented this from happening, among other things as well, has done nothing short of the greatest disservice that humankind has ever known. Friends, we have been living in the Dark Ages, all the while allowing ourselves to be convinced we are some great and brilliant age of humans when nothing could be further from the truth. The misinformation, lies, manipulations, and power-hungry handful… it’s time to stop letting them do whatever they want with us and start thinking for ourselves and actually get out there and change these terrible things immediately.

I hope that my blog provides useful information, tips and recipes, that you can turn around and use. My goal is to be someone who is actually useful in this historical period of time.

May the Force be with You, May the Force be with Us.


Transparency & Appreciation: I want all of my readers to know that I do provide links on this blog to other businesses that sell products that I use and love, I will never post a link to anything that is inconsistent with my ideology.
When you do click on a link to a business that I have referred you to and you make a purchase, I will earn a small commission – the price to you though is always their regular price, or in some instances a special offer price.
When you do make a purchase you are showing me that you support my efforts, time and expenses… I am very grateful to those who have both chosen to come read what I have written, and at times utilize my referral of a service or product that I completely believe in.
Thank you very much!


Regarding Crypto-currencies – I am not a financial adviser or broker. My blog is my own documentation of what I have done and what I think. It is for entertainment and educational purposes only. What you decide to do is your own responsibility, not mine. Please do your own research and draw your own conclusions before making any investments with anyone.

Regarding health and wellness – This site does not provide medical advice. I am not a doctor or health advisor. My purpose is to share experiences and information as I seek to improve the health of my family through a real food and natural lifestyle. Any statements or claims about the possible health benefits conferred by any foods or supplements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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