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Quiz: What Do You Know About Chimney Swifts? They’re Not Bats!

Quiz: What Do You Know About Chimney Swifts? They're Not Bats!

A bird best identified by silhouette, the smudge-gray Chimney Swift nimbly maneuvers over rooftops, fields, and rivers to catch its food. Its tiny body, curving wings, and stiff, shallow wingbeats give it a flight style as distinctive as its fluid, chattering call. This enigmatic little bird spends almost its entire life airborne. When it lands, […] Read more…

How To Plant and Grow Garlic

How To Plant and Grow Garlic | Sacred Habitats

Fall is the time to plant garlic which you will harvest next June or July. Both the planting and harvesting of garlic is super-easy and something you will want to do every year since nothing tastes better and stays fresh longer than garlic that you grow yourself. I usually pop the garlic cloves in the […] Read more…

Span the seasons with trees, shrubs and grasses that offer color and texture in abundance

Great Garden Combo: A Fall Landscape Scene That Lasts | Sacred Habitats

Wonderful article written by Karen Chapman on Great Garden Combo: A Fall Landscape Scene That Lasts. Karen beautifully covers the steps and details necessary for anyone to create beautiful garden vignettes. She also has a new book titled Fine Foliage with Christina Salwitz. The layout of the book is beautiful. Though the book offers a […] Read more…

Bees: an Introduction to Native Bees in the Landscape

Bee Basics: an Intro to Our Native Bees | Sacred Habitats

Most people do not realize that there were no honey bees in America before the European settlers brought hives from Europe. Native pollinators, especially bees other than honey bees, have been pollinating the continent’s flowering plants since long before the arrival of honey bees. Even in today’s vastly altered landscapes, our native bees continue to […] Read more…

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