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Doug Elliott: Dandelion, Groundhogs and Poison Ivy

Doug Elliott: Dandelion, Groundhogs and Poison Ivy | Sacred Habitats

Storytelling and education go hand-in-hand. For millennia, storytelling has been an invaluable tool for passing on information, values and wisdom from one generation to the next… and with all of the focus in America on killing dandelions shouldn’t as much energy be placed on the attributes one of the most health-filled plants in the country […] Read more…

How To Make Fresh Fried Sage Leaves

How To Make Fresh Fried Sage Leaves Recipe | Sacred Habitats

The flavor of fried sage leaves are not at all pungent, just pleasantly savory. Delicate Fried Sage Leaves make an elegant garnish for meat, seafood, pasta, or a garnish for your favorite soup, or served as an appetizer along with cheese, such as Brie or a nice Smoked Gruyere. Do not make extras because these […] Read more…

Diffusers: Which Type Fits Your Needs Best

Diffusers: Which Type Fits Your Needs Best

What Is The Difference Between Heat, Fan, Vaporizing, and Atomizing Diffusers? A diffuser is any device which allows a liquid to evaporate thereby putting a scent into the surrounding environment. If all you want to do is provide a pleasant scent to your environment, any diffuser will work fine. But if you want to use […] Read more…

Herb Profile: Blackberry Leaf

Herb Profile: Blackberry Leaf | Sacred Habitats

Blackberry Leaf Profile Also known as: Rubus fruticosus, Black Berry, Bramble, Dewberry, Goutberry, Rubi Fruticosi Folium, Rubi Fruticosi Radix, Rubus affinis, Rubus plicatus, Thimbleberry. Blackberries are sweet darkly colored fruits that grow on bushy vines in small clusters known as drupelets. In Britain, the same plant is usually called bramble, because of its prickly thorns. […] Read more…

How To Make Dandelion Root Powder


Proper preparation of your dandelion root for wellness is as important as when it is harvested. George Cairns articulates below how this is done properly. I highly recommend following his instructions right down to every last detail. Cairns, near death from cancer, was told by his doctor that he had 6 months to live. Over […] Read more…

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