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Span the seasons with trees, shrubs and grasses that offer color and texture in abundance

Great Garden Combo: A Fall Landscape Scene That Lasts | Sacred Habitats

Wonderful article written by Karen Chapman on Great Garden Combo: A Fall Landscape Scene That Lasts. Karen beautifully covers the steps and details necessary for anyone to create beautiful garden vignettes. She also has a new book titled Fine Foliage with Christina Salwitz. The layout of the book is beautiful. Though the book offers a […] Read more…

Genius of Place

Genius of Place | Sacred Habitats

Each site has its own energy, or as Alexander Pope wrote, its own “genius”. Sometimes this energy, or genius, is a specific feature which the whole revolves around, sometimes it’s an unseen impression or feeling. Transparency & Appreciation: I want all of my readers to know that I do provide links on this blog to […] Read more…

Water Table and Runoff

Several years ago in front of our place the county brought in some heavy equipment to clean the ditches that run alongside the road. They brought in backhoes, dump trucks and a grader. Being a man I just watched them – not thinking too much about it because I had to go to work shortly. […] Read more…

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