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French Chocolate Drinking Kit Gift Set

Elegant and fun gift kit to make traditional French drinking chocolate, 33% cacao. The sweet and perfect chocolate gift to enjoy this valentine’s day! Fun and convenient kit to make traditional French drinking chocolate. Ideal to make a bubbly and light chocolate. Manufactured by renowned chocolate maker, Monbana,┬ásince 1934. Contains: Tin box chocolate powder orange […] Read more…

Cast Iron Chicken Roaster Makes Great Chicken

Cast Iron Chicken Roaster by Staub Cooking the Best Chicken Ever | Sacred Habitats

I love chicken. I love using cast iron for cooking, especially slow cooking. There is something about it that gives whatever you are cooking a fantastic flavor and exceptional tenderness. When we moved from Pennsylvania to Seattle we purchased a Staub cast iron chicken roaster. At first I was a bit skeptical thinking that this […] Read more…

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